Dealer Assist partners with the College of Automotive Management to provide career training to their employees, agents and dealer clients

Dealer Assist partners with the College of Automotive Management to provide career training to their employees, agents and dealer clients

The College of Automotive Management (CAM) is proud to announce a new partnership with Dealer Assist LLC. Dealer Assist has selected CAM to provide automotive career training to their valued employees, agents and dealer clients. Dealer Assist is a leader in automotive finance products, income development strategies and staffing.

“We prefer promoting and recommending individuals trained by the College of Automotive Management to our dealer clients,” says Victoria Surgent, CEO at Dealer Assist. “That’s why we’ve partnered with the College to create an “East Coast” virtual academy. This will help us accomplish two things: First, it will help us recruit talent for the dealers we serve. Then, it will help us develop those individuals into highly skilled automotive professionals that can operate at the highest levels.  We’ve added CAM’s career training programs to our product offerings for dealers via our online Dealer Assist Academy platform. This state-of-the-art platform is powered by SOARlmsi, another technology product innovation from the team at the College. With the unique training provided by CAM, Dealer Assist will increase our dealers’ results in sales, F&I, service and management. This online training will also allow us to bring top talent into the industry fully trained, hitting the ground running.”

A Win/Win Partnership

Dealer Assist has a long history of providing income development processes and strategies to auto dealers.  CEO Victoria Surgent has worked for many brand name F&I providers in the past. She has also been a strategist for solving problems and increasing F&I product penetration across large networks of dealer clients.  She now provides her own branded solutions and services to dealers nationwide, with an emphasis in the Northeast.  

“Some of the biggest challenges dealers face is human capital recruitment followed by effective training and management.  Everyone knows that excellent people produce excellent results, especially when trained, coached and supported with excellence.  We believe we now have the greatest resources in the industry to help our dealers solve these problems. We can help them recruit top talent, develop those individuals daily through online training, and retain key employees longer.  These fantastic training and coaching solutions we now provide due to our partnership with CAM sets our agency apart. We can really take our dealers to the next level in F&I product sales, vehicle sales, CSI, and service drive revenue,” says Victoria Surgent.

The new Dealer Assist Academy provides training online, 24/7, to anyone looking for a successful career in automotive finance, leasing, and/or lending. It can be found here, at Dealer Assist’s state-of-the-art learning academy:

“I’m so impressed with Victoria and her ability to identify issues and solve complex problems,” says Eric Andersen, President of College of Automotive Management. “We’ve worked with numerous F&I companies and Victoria is hungry, humble and smart! She is a great addition to any dealership, leasing company, or automotive finance company. Victoria works hard for her clients and treats their business as though they are her own. She will continue to excel in the industry and be a very big success.” 

More about the College of Automotive Management

The College of Automotive Management was established in 1992 and has a proven track record of success. In fact, it is the world’s premier Automotive Management and Lending School. The College provides a unique brand of “Automotive Career Training” (ACT) that focuses on three primary principles:

  1.     Ethics
  2.     Loving customers
  3.     Mastering compliant processes

The founders have converted all of the original content to be web-based since its brick-and-mortar inception. Today, it is the only 100% ONLINE automotive vocational career training school offering a number of additional benefits to students. CAM’s courses are self-paced and can be accessed anytime from any device anywhere in the world. This makes them ideal for people who work full-time and need complete flexibility. CAM’s training focuses on proprietary sales techniques that build relationships with a plan for referrals and repeat business. It is highly effective in helping students increase their knowledge and skills to sell much more. The College also offers low cost subscription programs to dealers, making it simple to train their customer-facing staff. These programs provide daily training and skill development to all customer-facing staff in sales, F&I, management, and the service drive.

Highly-Rated Automotive Career Training Courses That Include Real-World Examples

CAM’s online programs are now the highest-rated in the automotive industry with over 5,000 completed online courses since 2017. Detailed job descriptions and process training categories include:

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More about Dealer Assist LLC

Dealer Assist is a full-service F&I agency that specializes in product sales, training and business development. Their primary goal is to assist every dealer in obtaining the highest level of profits. They are recognized for tailoring business strategies to meet the individual client’s needs through proper business analysis. Dealer Assist recognizes that there is no “one-size-fits all” approach to a dealership. Instead, they work to identify unique solutions that promote business growth and profitability. One of the ways they do this is by offering custom F&I products. Every customer is provided with personal attention and superior F&I programs and services that align with their published service standards.

Their dedicated staff of experienced professionals are committed to assisting clients in maximizing profits and promoting an environment of collaboration and responsiveness. They aim to achieve security and prosperity for their clients through innovative services, products, and wealth building programs. Learn more about how Dealer Assist can help your dealership increase profits and attract great talent!

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