McGavock Auto Group selects the College of Automotive Management to provide the nation’s top-rated training to all employees

McGavock Auto Group selects the College of Automotive Management to provide the nation’s top-rated training to all employees

The McGavock Auto Group has selected the College of Automotive Management (CAM) to provide career training to their valued employees. The award-winning McGavock Auto Group is the premier Nissan retailer in the state of Texas, with five locations statewide: Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene and San Marcos. They also boast the only Infiniti dealership between Dallas, Texas, and Albuquerque New Mexico.

A Legacy of the Highest Standards

The McGavock Auto Group was founded in 1976 by Steve McGavock, who opened his first dealership in Plainview, TX. He built his business on Biblical principles, family values and the Golden Rule, treating customers like close friends and family. Today, Brent McGavock, Steve’s son, carries these values on throughout the company. 

In late 2020, The McGavock Auto Group acquired their sixth location, a large Nissan Dealership in Rockwall, Texas. Brent McGavock contacted the College of Automotive Management to provide training to the staff he was preparing to hire. He also centralized the BDC for all stores to the Rockwall location, and requested training specifically for them. The College set up a private label SOAR LMSi training platform loaded with content for each of their six dealerships. Additionally, CAM set up a seventh platform specific to the BDC department and curated a custom training program for them. 

“The content of CAM’s training really aligns with the McGavock company culture,” says Kathy Diane, Director of Employer Relations for the College of Automotive Management. “The McGavocks really pour into their employees and treat them like family. They have great relationships with their employees and their employees genuinely appreciate them! I’ve been impressed by the warmth, kindness and mutual support that flows through the leadership, employees and customers. It just goes to show that when you’re really focusing on doing what’s right by all parties, everyone wins.”

Providing the nation’s top-rated career training to valued employees

When people are trained to do what they already know is right, they thrive. And this is exactly what happened when the employees at the McGavock stores started their training through the College of Automotive Management. Their comments about the training and their employer for providing the training say it all:

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work here! The overwhelming support from the sales tower and even some of the other salespeople has been a real comfort! The fact that the McGavocks want to continue to pour into their team and better us on an individual level shows how much this business means to them and that they really care for each person.” – Harrison F.

“[The McGavocks] are genuinely good people that truly believe in the people around them. I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons being a part of McGavock and I hold them dear in my life.” – Cole J.

“I appreciate the investment that the McGavock’s have made in this program. It assures me that they care about the company and the people who work for them. I also believe that [helping make] people better individuals will in return make us better at our jobs.” – Robin W.

“Investing in our knowledge will help us all. I really do like these courses because they better explained and detailed what we would need to be successful. My favorite part is more explanation on ‘HOW’ to be a successful sales rep…This is the type of training that many people learn from.” – Leslie P.

“I worked in the car business for about 2 1/2 years before arriving to McGavock Nissan in Lubbock– where I reached my true potential.  I was an internet sales professional when I started the [College of Automotive Management] Career Academy and now I can say I’m an elite here at the dealership. There is not one person who walks in our building who is not my friend and there is no problem I can’t solve. I have increased my closing ratio due to new skills and being refreshed on skills through this academy, and it’s thanks to the McGavocks. They not only hold a high standard for all their departments (sales, parts and service), but they push you to get better even when you feel like you’re at your best. I can honestly say they have polished me into the sales professional I was meant to be and it is because their constant efforts to refresh the basics and enlighten with new, progressive ideas.  It takes a village to find success in anything, but with the McGavock’s that village is a family and we all work together make it a memorable experience for everyone that walks through the doors. Overall a lot happier and more optimistic in my position and it shows when I am selling cars.  Brent McGavock is a Legend amongst men and I hope to work for him for many years to come! Overall, 5 stars! Thank you Mr. McGavock for believing in your staff and allowing us to try different things and constantly grow!” – Chris A.

“I firmly believe that the courses taken will benefit us all. It also shows that the leadership team is willing to do whatever it takes within reason to make sure that each salesperson has the necessary resources to be effective and successful.” -Rantrell J.

Doing what’s right by all parties

The McGavocks care deeply for their employees and treat them like family. By creating this culture, their employees treat customers the same way. Their employees’ comments reflect that as they live this out daily, and it’s further reinforced by the training they receive:

“My goal as a sales associate is ultimately to help our customers balance the wants and needs of life while making the best financial decision for themselves or their families.” -Samantha B.

“As a salesperson I am honest and transparent…If you treat everyone well they will treat you well.” – Justin C.

The College of Automotive Management has been training automotive professionals since 1992. Their proprietary and highly effective training processes are built on a foundation of the highest ethics and loving the customer.

The McGavocks share the same values, making a partnership with the College of Automotive Management a natural fit.

“It’s all about the customer first and we’re on the same page for sure,” says Brent McGavock, Dealer Principal for the McGavock Auto Group. “One of the reasons we partnered with the College of Automotive management is because of the one-on-one support. We’re not just another number. It’s like a family and that’s what I like best.”

The value of CAM’s training has proven itself on multiple levels. Employees have been extremely appreciative that their employer would invest in them this way. This has further supported the company’s culture of treating employees like family and having longevity with their staff. Additionally, the exponential revenue increases they’ve seen as a result of employees implementing what they’ve learned has been remarkable. The processes and techniques taught by the college perfectly align with the company’s culture of treating customers like family. With these benefits, the McGavocks seek employees who have been trained by the College of Automotive Management.

But there are even more benefits that come with the training. Each of their stores has its own SOAR LMSi training platform on which they can host their own content as well.

“Having six stores, I can’t touch all of them the way I want to,” says Brent McGavock. “So being able to create a video and post it on our [training] platforms has been very beneficial to helping us spread our message of the McGavock difference.” 

Hear more about this synergistic partnership in this short interview that took place at the Lubbock Nissan dealership:

The McGavock Auto Group’s partnership with the College of Automotive Management has proven to be a positive and effective effort. We are extremely proud to support the success of the McGavocks and their teams!

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