DealerRE Selects the College of Automotive Management as its Automotive Career Training Partner

DealerRE Selects the College of Automotive Management as its Automotive Career Training Partner

The College of Automotive Management (CAM) is proud to announce that DealerRE has partnered with CAM to provide automotive career training to their dealer clients. DealerRE is a leader in automotive reinsurance programs and education.

“We’ve chosen the College of Automotive Management as our training partner to enhance our own dealer education programs. Together, our training offerings can help dealers accomplish three important things: Firstly, these programs help dealers improve customer satisfaction (CSI). Secondly, they teach dealers how to engage more referral business. And finally, our combined programs help our dealer clients make even higher incomes than before. The College has a proven track record of helping managers and sales teams elevate their production and job satisfaction. One of their primary objectives is for their graduates to consistently achieve 100% CSI. Due to the highly ethical processes and customer-centric focus they teach, their graduates repeatedly meet this objective. All of this aligns perfectly with DealerRE’s values and objectives,” says Tim Byrd, CEO of DealerRE.

A Synergistic Partnership

DealerRE is a leader in dealership reinsurance programs, offering reinsurance and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) products. Helping dealers sell more cars for higher profits more frequently is central in DealerRE’s client income development strategies. As part of these strategies, they provide ongoing training to their dealer clients.

DealerRE Reinsurance Used Car Dealer Testimonials

“I’ve known Tim and Taylor Byrd for many years. I respect and admire their dedication to the industry and the long-term relationships they have forged with their clients. We are honored that DealerRE has added our full suite of automotive training courses to their own excellent training. We look forward to serving DealerRE and their clients by helping them sell more vehicles and build stronger relationships with their customers,” says Lloyd Andersen, CEO of The College of Automotive Management.

The College of Automotive Management is widely recognized for its highly-rated automotive career training certifications. This flawlessly augments DealerRE’s knowledge and expertise in both the sales and F&I departments at dealerships. All CAM courses are delivered online, on-demand, and come with certifications for those who complete the courses with the required 100% test scores.

More about the College of Automotive Management

The College of Automotive Management was established in 1992 and has a proven track record of success. In fact, it is the world’s premier Automotive Management and Lending School. The college provides a unique brand of “Automotive Career Training” (ACT) that focuses on three primary princiCollege of Automotive Management Training How to Love Your Customerples:

  1. Ethics
  2. Loving customers
  3. Mastering compliant processes

Since its brick-and-mortar inception, the founders have converted all of the original content to be web-based. Today, it is the only 100% ONLINE automotive vocational career training school offering a number of additional benefits to students. Firstly, CAM’s courses are self-paced and can be accessed any time from anywhere in the world. Therefore, they are ideal for people who work full-time and need complete flexibility. Moreover, their training comes with one year of coaching so students have full access to positive support and accountability. Finally, the College offers proprietary sales and F&I processes that have proven repeatedly to be highly effective and successful.

Highly-Rated Courses With Real-World Examples

With over 5,000 completed online courses since 2017, their online programs are now the highest-rated in the automotive industry. Detailed job descriptions and process training categories include:

  • Phone lead handling and management
  • Internet form lead handling and management
  • Sales process mastery (without discounting prices) and management
  • Leasing department management and renewal strategies
  • Hybrid F&I strategies
  • F&I administration (cash flow management)
  • Lending relationship management
  • Special Finance department management
  • Fast, compliant desking, deal structuring and negotiating
  • Advanced loan underwriting
  • Team leadership
  • Service advisor sales career education

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More about DealerRE

Tim Byrd started DealerRE in 1994 in Southeast Virginia.  Since then, they have helped thousands of dealers expand their F&I programs to be more efficient and profitable. Their foundation is built on Jesus Christ and God’s word, and is still family owned and operated.

Today, DealerRE helps dealers from coast to coast establish and manage their own administrator obligor reinsurance companies. This allows their dealer clients to replace third party and manufacturer F&I products. In the Buy Here Pay Here space, DealerRE helps dealers build admin obligor reinsurance programs to protect their vehicle assets from mechanical breakdown and insurance losses funded by their customer base.

A Mission of Service, Excellence and Ethical Compliance

DealerRE’s mission is to serve and educate car dealers across the country to utilize reinsurance to be a better dealer, to better serve their customers, and improve their business and personal financial well-being.

DealerRE has structured its reinsurance entities under IRS code 831b to operate to the letter of the law. They’ve implemented aggressive measures to ensure that their dealer clients are not exposed to compliance or tax risk with the licensing and state approvals of the contracts and policies that their new dealer client reinsurance company provides to their customers. Additionally, DealerRE partners with the best administrators, CPAs, and legal counsel. This ensures that their program and dealerships are operating to the highest legal and ethical standards.

DealerRE is a proud member and sponsor of the NIADA and MANY state associations. Several DealerRE clients have been National Quality Dealer Of The Year, NIADA Board Members, State Quality Dealer Of The Year, State Presidents and Board Members.

DealerRE would be glad to provide a free audit of existing programs to ensure compliance with current IRS standards.  For more information, or to contact DealerRE, visit