Career Placement

In many cases, “who you know” is as important or even MORE important than what you know.

At the College of Automotive Management (CAM), our goal is to provide you with both – world class skill development training, and a network of potential employers.

College of Automotive Management graduates are often welcomed into a vast network of alumni (CAM graduates that have gone on to become hiring managers and leaders in the automotive industry), referral partners (friends of the College like MorningStar Automotive and other agencies who do business with thousands of auto dealers throughout the country), and employers that have successfully hired a CAM graduate in the past. There is no larger network for career placement and support.

Individuals that desire placement assistance and the college’s recommendation to potential employers need to accomplish two things:

  1. Pay for their own training
  2. Complete all courses in a diploma category (all sales management courses, or all F&I management courses, along with a compliance course)

Individuals with no prior automotive sales or management experience that want to be recommended by the College for management positions at dealerships need to complete both career categories and the compliance course (all 8 courses).


  1. Employers prefer candidates with successful track records for quality management positions.
  2. The industry is lacking qualified, skilled candidates for those positions so dealers are promoting from within individuals that show responsibility and produce results.
  3. By developing the sales skills, telephone skills, negotiating skills, relationship building skills and other career tools at the College (in addition to all F&I skills), CAM graduates are often able to articulate their understanding and knowledge in a manner that satisfies the “experience required” mindset of employers and get their first break into management – especially with employers that have successfully hired a CAM graduate with no experience for a management position in the past.
  4. In other cases, the employer is impressed with a candidate’s understanding and commitment to their career in the car business and makes a firm commitment to promote from within upon successful entry into the company’s sales culture.
  5. In these cases, CAM graduates are often top producers, having the most fun, and making things look easy due to their training (perfect management candidates!).
  6. By completing all 8 courses (all sales and sales management courses, all F&I courses, and compliance certification) a CAM graduate prepares for ALL positions in the sales, leasing, internet, special finance, desk and F&I departments, and increases their personal income in any capacity (which is what we all need right? A raise – sooner rather than later!).
  7. Often F&I managers go on to become General Sales Managers, then General Managers. This career path usually includes experience in both the sales department and F&I department, or at least proper training in both.
  8. Many of our students have been automotive salespeople that report immediate increases in their income when they take the sales and desking courses along with their F&I management courses. They report that they increase their income in their current sales capacity while training for F&I. In some cases, these students change their career path and become Sales/Desk Managers instead of F&I managers – and have that option due to their training at the College.
  9. Finally, graduates of all 8 courses also qualify for career placement assistance into corporate positions with automotive lenders, technology providers, and finance and insurance agencies as corporate sales reps and loan underwriters.  CAM graduates have a long, rich history of success in these positions and many employers know this and call the College first for their next hire.  These are often six figure plus careers with more traditional work schedules (nights and weekends off).

Taking all 8 courses has proven to achieve all of these career and income objectives for our graduates.

Career and placement assistance includes:

  • Resume templates featuring the newly developed skills learned at the College
  • Recommendation of the student by the College to potential employers
  • Referrals to College Affiliates and Friends in the industry including recruitment and placement agencies, Agencies doing business with Auto Dealers looking for good candidates to fill empty positions (such as MorningStar Automotive), and  dealers that have successfully hired one or more of the thousands of College of Automotive Graduates in the past
  • Referrals to industry-specific online job boards and resume posting services reflecting current opportunities in the industry
  • Interview role play – including how to overcome common objections to first time management applicants
To speak with someone about our career placement assistance program, call us at 888-857-4411.