Corporate Sales Representative

The Corporate Sales Representative is most successful as a consultant to their dealership clients, not just a peddler in the market place. The most successful Corporate Representatives that work for F&I Product Agencies, Aftermarket Company, Automotive Technology or Software Companies, or Automotive Lenders understand the dealer’s business at a very intimate and high level. They are able to communicate professionally with owners, General Managers, and relate to salespeople and F&I managers in the dealership while demonstrating the benefits of their product or service and how it can best solve a need or increase the income of the dealership and its employees. Corporate Sales Representative positions often offer the potential for very high incomes (sometimes 7 figures) to those who are masters of the business, and excellent at forging lifetime relationships with dealer clients. To make the most of this opportunity, individuals complete all 8 online training courses offered by the College of Automotive Management.

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