Skill Development for Salespeople, Sales Management, and F&I Management

Automotive Career Training (ACT)

Development of Salespeople, Sales Management and F&I Management

Dealerships who enroll their employees multiply their profits!

Relevant, skill building training to support in store, or remote selling, leasing, and financing.

Every lead counts today. And so does every dollar. Ensuring only the highest trained, and verified capable individuals are handling incoming form leads and phone calls is critical. So is the ability to execute the sales process remotely (by email, phone or screenshare), when required by the customer, using the latest and most effective remote selling tools (software) for desking, F&I, and E-contracting.

The College trains and tests employees to ensure they can execute the highest profit producing, legally compliant PROCESS for each step in the sale and how to execute each step in person, or remotely, using the latest tools and technologies. Don’t take our word for it, read the results as reported by General Managers, Sales Managers, F&I Directors and Managers, and Top Internet and Traditional Salespersons nationwide.

Cross train your “A Team” and ensure no lead is wasted, and no dollar left on the table due to less than perfect process, lack of understanding, or clumsy remote communications.

Also, the College provides every employee with a 365 day business plan to BRING IN THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS, data mine for equity and identify other in-market opportunities, and establish their own books of business within the dealership business.

We train, monitor and measure DAILY for immediately, and lasting results.

Courses are delivered on the latest learning technology platform (SOARlms) that pushes content to mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Next lessons are served up daily (no re-log-in required) until completed achieving nearly 100% completion rates of all courses started – without any extra work required from the managers to get their teams to train.

We may be the only online training solution that asks for current numbers to establish baselines before training starts. Why is that? That’s because we ALWAYS expect BIG INCREASES based on the results of thousands of prior students. Count on measurable increases in closing ratios, profits per unit, referrals and CSI – immediately after training begins. Career Coaches work as assistant coaches to the management team to help keep everyone’s eye on the ball (INCREASES)!

Promote from within more often with greater success (virtually no risk). Ensure new candidates are fully trained and tested before their first day in the new position. Bring in talent from other industries seamlessly with career training for every front end position. Reinforce a culture of ethics and integrity with daily training that employees consistently rate “excellent.” Attract and retain good character with skills and focus to achieve 100% CSI.

Every dealer gets their own private-labeled online learning center. Your new training center includes your logo, your name, your colors, look and feel. Want to add your own content? We will help – for just $300/mo dealers can add videos, word docs, audio files, or power points with tests and surveys. Eliminate redundant on boarding work of new employees, deliver company specific sales training, policies/procedures, and welcome new employees with messages about your company and culture.

The College of Automotive Management (CAM) offers month-to-month terms when entire departments enroll. Courses are designed for continuous skill development, including 365 day business plan for salespeople to bring in their own customers. Keep your online learning center alive and filled with CAM content to perpetually onboard new employees, provide continuous skills training based on ethics, continue to promote from within with ease, role play, and refresh forgotten skills at an unbelievable great price.



Discounts when all salespeople and managers enroll!

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Discounts when all F&I Managers and director(s) enroll!

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Discounts when all salespeople and managers enroll!

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Discounts when all service advisors enroll!

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Dealership Training - Reviews and Results

“I have to admit we were a little skeptical in the beginning. The College made some pretty bold claims. Their promise to help create happier employees that have less stress at work while achieving higher profits and 100% happy customers 100% of the time sounded to good to be true. But the results speak for themselves. What mattered most to me was what my employees thought of the program, and then the program’s effect on our bottom line. After seeing that every employee, without exception, agreed with the content and was happy to be participating in the training, and after watching our profits in the first store increase by several hundred percent more than we invested in the training in just the first 30 days, I was sold. 24 months later, we continue to utilize the services of the College Training Program and are achieving our goals of happier customers and increased profits.

Bill van den Hurk, Owner – Aloha Auto Group (State Dealer Association President)

“Our team of 11 salespeople increased their profits per unit by $90,068, and added $53,038 of additional profits from additional sales ($143,306 total profit increase) since starting the CAM ACT program 90 days ago, over our prior 90-day average. We’ve just begun. By focusing on developing even stronger personal relationships and friendships with our customers the numbers increased. Our CRM was loaded with more personal information about our customers than all 6 of the other stores in our group combined during the last 30 days. That means that more of our salespeople developed a new relationship and they made their own plans to keep in touch with their new friends. (180-day update: “Our profit increase now totals more than $300,000 over our previous 90 day average.”)

Mike Aziz, General Manager – Tuttle Click Capistrano Ford

“This has made our job as sales managers a whole lot easier, and everyone is seeing their own progress each week. We realize customers are continually comparing other dealers to ours, and we must stand out as exceptional if we are to win their trust.”

Lionel Sandoval & Kevin Burns, Sales Managers

We needed a solution to standardize our Sales, Desking and F&I process at each location and create a team atmosphere where everyone has the same objective of 100% happy customers, in order to continually increase profits per sale, closing ratios and repeat business. We also wanted a training platform where we could customize with our own content, test, and support ALL employees on the values, principles and best practices of our organization, while taking advantage of the College’s world class training, coaching and career development programs. The College is helping us build our own customized Aloha Auto Group training center online and accomplishing all of our training objectives. The ACT program and its emphasis on ethics are also helping us attract, develop and retain top talent with good character at our organization.”

Russ Wong, COO – Aloha Auto Group

“We are quite pleased with our relationship with the College of Automotive Management. In the first two months since implementing ACT, our auto sales and gross profits have increased immensely!!! We are total believers in the College’s relationship selling training and our employees are very happy to be working in an environment that is 100% committed to ethics and integrity in all our customer transactions. We will continue to attract and retain the top talent to work for our company.”

Alan Uyeoka, General Manager

“I rate this course “CAM” as an excellent course… It helped me become a better salesperson and able to communicate well not only with customers but with co-workers and supervisor… Most important my gross is better and easier for me to do it again and again. I think my employer is the best I have been in car sales for more than ten years and not one have invested toward their sales associate this opportunity. Excellent Rating= Excellent Training Content. I would highly recommend to others.””

Raul Menina, Professional Salesperson

“The training at the College has been critical with my new position as Finance with Galpin Kia. My PVR is a lot higher — I increased my average by $288.00. So far, this course has been one of the most valuable training courses and is an excellent resource. I will highly recommend it to others.”

Elizabeth Palacios, Finance Manager

“I have been a Finance Manager at Galpin Ford for 12 years. I was able to increase my PVR over $230 over my previous 60-day average and maintain that increase for two consecutive months, qualifying me to be honored with the Master’s Certification on my diploma….”

Janet Lazar, Finance Manager

“The F&I Products and Presentation courses are excellent. Last month my income per unit increased $130 over my yearly average. I am finding this course very useful and a great source for learning new things to which I trust as it is coming from the best of the best. I find our customers really appreciate that fact that we care about their experience…”

Jeremy Chick, F&I Manager

“The F&I course is excellent. I definitely would highly recommend this training class to everyone who is in the Car Business. I think it is one of the best courses I ever had. It will help me to improve and bring in more gross for the dealer. After I completed the training, I raised my PVR by 29%, increasing it $250 per copy. Thank you very much for all your help.”

Fernando Bolanos, Finance Manager