F&I Training

The industry’s most comprehensive and interactive online F&I career training. Even veteran F&I managers report record-setting results. Self paced with 1-year of personal coaching and career assistance.

Complete Automotive F&I Training Program


Finance & insurance training provides comprehensive dealership compliance training for financial consultants with an active understanding of the local, state, and federal regulations governing vehicle purchases. At The College of Automotive Management, we offer a unique F&I Training program that emphasizes the tools, strategies, and skills necessary to improve the front-end gross and back-end profits while maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Professionals willing to refresh their knowledge and amateurs who are at the beginning of their careers in the automotive industry must avail this one-time opportunity. The College of Automotive Management has helped more people obtain their first F&I position and created more top producing F&I managers than any other vocational program since 1992.