General Sales Manager

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is a general sales manager and what does the role entail?” Car dealership finance manager responsibilities are numerous and require significant knowledge and expertise in those taking up this post.

Top-producing general sales managers are responsible for managing the entire sales team, including the sales managers. They also handle the inventory according to watch for market trends and the advertising budgets for the entire sales department of the dealership.

The general sales manager of an automotive dealership is also responsible for ensuring the cash flow of the facility is being managed appropriately by the F&I director. The role of sales manager in an automobile dealership is plenty, which is why they need all the skills necessary to perform well.

At the College of Automotive Management, we offer 8 online training courses that will help professionals cope with the various automotive sales manager responsibilities. When you succeed as a sales manager in an auto dealership, you might just be promoted to the highly sought position of general manager in the near future.