• The College offers zero interest financing, regardless of credit.
  • Payments are always $249.50 down to get started, then $249.50 per month.

Financing is Available for the Following Career Training Packages:

  • Complete F&I Management Career Bundle (5 courses for $2,495 – $249.50 x 10 payments) – to view all 5 courses and details click here
  • Automotive Sales Management Career Bundle (5 courses for $2,495 – $249.50 x 10 payments) – to view all 5 courses and details click here
  • Complete Automotive Management and Lending Certification Bundle (all 8 CAM courses for $3,493 – $249.50 x 14 payments) – to view all 8 courses and details click here

Huge Discounts are Available for the Following Career Training Packages

  • Students that want to have a lower scheduled monthly payment can pay with a credit card (credit card payments on these amounts are typically much less than $249.50/mo) and receive an immediate $500 discount.

Accessing Your Content

  • Students that pay the entire amount on a credit card are given immediate access to all courses.
  • Most students can complete all courses for their desired career within 2-8 weeks while working full time.
  • Students that pay using the $249.50 per month financing will be released one course per month.

Getting Your Diploma and Career Assistance

  • Diplomas are issued after all training is complete, and after all payments are made (2-8 weeks for those that pay up front, and 10-14 months for those on the payment plan).
  • Career Assistance is provided after all training is complete, and after all payments have been made.
  • Students that start on the payment plan may choose to pay a remaining balance in full at any time to expedite diploma issuance and career assistance.
  • There are no payment plans, diplomas, or career assistance for individual courses.  Individual courses may be purchased with a credit or debit card and all come with certifications at completion.

Our career bundles include the most comprehensive loan underwriter training available

Everything revolves around lending, and lending experts make all the money.  We can help you! At The College of Automotive Management, we provide the most comprehensive online Loan Underwriting Training program (for prime, subprime, and lease lending) available.  Our graduates master the essential skills that contribute to more lender approvals, better lender relationships, higher profits per deal, better structured deals, improved cashflow for the dealership, faster funding, and fewer rewrites and unwinds.  

High Paying Career Objectives:

  • Develop loan underwriting and finance administration skills
  • Understand the importance of cash flow for a dealership
  • Explore why and how to address credit bureau, credit application, and loan underwriting abnormalities
  • Conduct a credit bureau analysis and lender guideline interpretation exactly as the lender does
  • Learn how to maximize rate participation and get the lowest rates for consumers by using advanced calculation methods
  • Reduce contracts in transit (CIT) due to better loan underwriting management
  • Become the company expert and go to person for all questions relating to lending guideline interpretation for a/b paper, subprime paper, and leasing programs
  • Learn about DMV forms and federal disclosure documents
  • Better prepare loan packaging for faster funding