About Us

The College of Automotive Management is an elite institution offering professional automotive education to individuals and dealerships. Our various training programs are aimed to improve leadership and management skills in service professionals regardless of their departments.

We try to instill knowledge of the industry, laws and regulations, and proper applications of management theories and concepts. Our programs help businesses enhance their sales performances and generate maximum revenues to gain a competitive edge in the market.  

Our well-skilled and experienced team maintains a unique and pragmatic approach to professional automotive education to ensure trainees can effectively deal with real-world situations and challenges without any hassle. We also teach them proactive ways to improve their respective department’s productivity and performance and minimize the error rate for the entire organization’s betterment.

Each one of our offered online training courses is tailored according to the trainee’s needs and specifications, all for an affordable fee. Some of our services include F&I Training, Sales Management Training, and Loan Underwriting Training. Connect with us to know more about our premium programs today!  


About Us

First, it’s not about us. It’s about our students and their employers we serve. We are all about what they say. Their reviews, success stories, testimonials and results are all that matter at the end of the day. That’s why we are insanely committed to their success and never stop developing new solutions to help. What we can safely say is that — based upon student and employer feedback — we have helped more automotive professionals increase their income and succeed in their first management position than any other company in the business. Thousands – one precious person at a time – over nearly 30 years.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to honor God by serving others and enriching their lives with the gifts and talents we’ve been given for His glory. We aim to give every student our best, our love, our prayers, and help them increase their income, advance their career, and experience a life filled with more friends, fun and joy.

What makes this College unique?

We can’t wait to tell you!

The College has built a well-rounded, unique and comprehensive training program that guarantees an increase in success for professionals of every level in the automotive industry. The College stands behind their word when they say, “It’s not an exception, but a rule, that increases will happen after implementing this kind of training.”

Starting from scratch, the College built and developed their entire training around serving others and loving them, starting with sales training. The College continued to build on this foundation with transparent desking and negotiation methods and a unique F&I sales process capable of guaranteeing that every customer will leave the dealership 100% satisfied, fully understanding every aspect of their purchase.

Every element of this training is built on these principles, is capable of incredible performance, and is carefully designed to work in any type of dealership: high line, import, domestic, independent, straight sell, one price, desk controlled, and more.

Students, managers, and salespeople alike consistently rate the course content as “excellent” and agree with the processes, procedures, and word tracts taught, because they understand that true success is found in 100% happy customers, 100% of the time. Students also quickly and clearly see how profits are increased when these principles are applied to their role in the dealership.

Along with the student’s “excellent” rating, The Better Business Bureau gives the College an A+ rating, which is their highest rating possible.

Since 1992, thousands of automotive professionals have attended the College of Automotive Management in order to advance their career and increase their income. Since their training at the College, they have gone on to be leaders in the automotive industry with job titles such as: Dealer Principals, General Managers, Vice Presidents, COO’s, F&I Directors and Managers, GSM’s, and Career Salespeople; and they are loving their jobs.

The current College student body includes automotive professionals of all levels: Salespersons, Managers, General Managers, Owners, and even those who are just getting into the industry for the first time. In some cases, the Dealer Principal has invested in his or her own staff to propel their company; or, for many others, the individual student sees a need, has a goal, and invests in themselves to propel their careers.

What Can I Learn at the College?

Enrich your life with powerful skill development.

The primary learning objective at the College is to learn how to establish long term business relationships (win friends and influence people), increase income (better provide for family and loved ones), and learn how to advance in a career (how to gain favor and promotion).

Students of the College of Automotive Management learn the highest level of ethical skill development used by record-setting professionals in the automotive industry who are excelling in the positions of: Professional Salesperson, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, F&I Manager, F&I Director, Special Finance Manager, Internet Manager and General Manager. Our graduates take their broad knowledge and skills with them for the rest of their life and often find outstanding careers in finance, insurance, real estate, mortgage lending, business development, training, and automotive vendor services.