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College of Automotive (CAM) graduates have (2) common characteristics:
1) They have developed the skills used by the top producing automotive salespeople, F&I managers, and sales managers in the automotive industry.
2) They have the initiative and have made the commitment to invest in their own education for their chosen career.
CAM online classrooms are a target rich environment to recruit ethically minded automotive career professionals with character and advanced skill sets. Individuals come to CAM to be trained and excel in high paying automotive careers including:
  • Professional Salesperson 
  • Hybrid Sales/F&I Manager
  • F&I Manager 
  • F&I Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Internet Manager 
  • Special Finance Manager 
  • Leasing Manager 
  • Desk Manager
  • General Sales Manager
CAM graduates are often leaders and top producers in any position, and frequently promoted from within due to their knowledge, skills, and character. CAM graduates invest in their own education (as a rule) to learn the industry’s best practices and techniques presented by top producers. These practices and techniques work in all types of dealerships (straight sell, desk control, TO system, high line, import, domestic, independent, one price, etc.) as confirmed by several thousand dealership employees including F&I directors, sales managers, general sales managers and general managers.
To graduate from The College of Automotive Management, students need to achieve 100% test scores and complete skill development exercises for each step of the sales, desking, and/or F&I processes recommended by the College. Case studies of the best methods, word tracts, policies, procedures, and customer service strategies are worked through and can be reviewed as many times as necessary (with the instructor, or with other members of the online classroom community) until the student has mastery of the skill – thus the requirement for 100% test scores to graduate – because 100% is possible!! A diploma from the College of Automotive Management is earned, not given.


Graduates learn professional phone skills, sales skills, management skills, leadership skills, F&I skills, special finance and leasing skills, deal structuring and lending guideline interpretation, credit bureau interpretation, dealership software, federal compliance, ethics, desking, negotiating, and more…
Since 1992 CAM has graduated thousands of automotive industry management professionals that are now leaders in the industry (including associated finance, insurance, training, and aftermarket product companies that serve the automotive industry). Hire your next winner from CAM!

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