Internet Department Sales Manager

The Internet Sales Manager has all of the skills of a professional salesperson, and is an excellent manager of time and leads (sales management skills). Much of the internet managers communication with customers is done remotely (remote selling skills) and requires excellent relationship building skills that can be accomplished in writing and over the phone to be a top producer. Professional College level online training that teaches automotive sales and automotive sales management that would support this position would include online training for generating inbound leads, managing leads, phone and appointment setting skills, social media marketing to bring in additional business, professional sales process training, objection handling, presentation and negotiation training, desking and deal structuring. Some Internet Sales Managers are also given the opportunity to do the F&I manager job functions with their transactions if they have those skills and thereby increase their income (essentially double their income) by performing both the sales/desking functions and F&I functions needed to finalize a transaction. Individuals that want to add F&I manager skill sets to their resume before applying for the Internet Sales Manager position take all 8 College of Automotive Management courses to maximize their income opportunities.