Professional Salesperson

Professional Salespeople work by appointment only. They have mastered the automotive selling process, are masters at relationship building, and highly skilled marketers of themselves, their dealership, and their inventory using social media and other tools. Professional College level online training that teaches automotive sales and automotive sales management that would support this position would include online training for generating inbound leads, managing leads, phone and appointment setting skills, social media marketing to bring in additional business, professional sales process training, objection handling, presentation and negotiation training, desking and deal structuring. Top producing sales professionals may often have sales management, F&I, and F&I Director experience and work every aspect of their own deals (sales, desk, F&I and lender placement) giving them the opportunity. Individuals that want to maximize their income as a professional salesperson and do the entire transaction from beginning to end will take all 8 online automotive training courses offered by the College of Automotive Management.