Automotive Sales/Desk Manager

The Automotive Sales/Desk Manager is a hybrid of excellent salesperson, leader, F&I manager, and F&I director. Professional College level online training that teaches automotive sales and automotive sales management that would support this position would include online training for generating inbound leads, managing leads, phone and appointment setting skills, social media marketing to bring in additional business, professional sales process training, objection handling, presentation and negotiation training, desking and deal structuring, in addition to all of the requirements of an F&I manager and F&I Director. Sales/Desk Managers often determine the structure of a loan or deal and therefore a knowledge of financing and lender guidelines is essential to maximize deal structures, reduce rewinds and unwinds resulting from improperly structured loans. Sales Managers often responsible for managing a team of salespeople and ensuring they meet their expected sales quotas or other measurements used to determine success.