Enrollment Features & FAQs

Enrollment Features


1 Year of Unlimited Online Access 24/7 on Any Device (Mobile Friendly)

How long will I have access to the training content and is my work recorded/stored?

All courses come with 1 year of unlimited online access so students can rewind, re-watch, refresh, and achieve mastery over each subject taught. The cutting edge, fully interactive online learning platform is optimized for mobile, tablet (including iPad), and desktop. The Learning Management System (LMS) documents all training activity, test results, assignments completed, and goals established/completed for each student’s own personal records.

1 Year with Personal Career Coach to Uplift, Inspire, and Encourage

What can I expect from the College Staff to help me reach my goals?

Every employee enrolled in any Automotive Career Training (ACT) course is provided with their own Career Coach that is professionally trained and certified in every course the College offers. The Career Coaches continuously monitor training progress, interact with students on an ongoing basis to uplift, inspire, and encourage as a friend. Career Coaches reach out to students who may briefly stall in their training to help keep them going to reach their goals.

How long does it take to complete all 8 courses?

Most students can complete all 8 courses of the CAM ACT program in 10-15 weeks by training 8-10 hours a week while working full time. Students then spend the rest of the year implementing what they have learned and re-watching content as needed to continually advance their career and income.

Will I continue to receive support from the College after I complete an online course?

Personal career coach(s) continue to help students achieve their personal income and career goals throughout the year.

“Sarah you really express great enthusiasm in your responses to me and I truly appreciate that. Car sales really requires a lot of balance physically as well as mentally. Because there is so much rejection your positiveness affirms whatever hard work I do that may otherwise go unnoticed. This automotive training equips me with the knowledge to be successful and so does your guidance – so again – this is to Thank You!”

Tacita Vasquez, Professional Salesperson

“Wow you don’t miss out on any of my progress Sarah, that’s awesome and really impressive!! I’m really happy to have you as my coach, you’re the best! Thank you for your kind and motivational words Sarah and thank you also for continuing to follow my progress!”

David Soto, Professional Salesperson

“Brandi, I am also very grateful that you are here with me along to way… its good to have someone I can talk to that understands what I am going through and is there to cheer me on and help to lead me. Thank you for encouraging me…”

Nicki White, Professional Salesperson

1-Year Access to Live Instructors as Requested During Business Hours

What if I have a question about the content or how to apply it at my dealership?

Every employee also has access to a live personal instructor as needed during business hours.  Personal live instructors are content experts with Automotive Retail General Management experience.  Instruction is provided by email, phone, video email or webinar as needed to help each student achieve the learning objectives of each course.

HD Quality Video Instruction Anytime from Industry Experts

Who are the instructors and what are their credentials?

Meet Your World Class Instructors (Click for more info)! Instructors include widely published industry experts who are CEO’s, Presidents, and owners of their own successful automotive companies, and individuals with documented track records of being high producing leaders in the automotive industry.

Professional Certification(s) and Diploma

Will I receive Certifications for each course if I complete all 8?

The coveted College of Automotive Management diploma with 8 professional certifications is unrivaled in the industry and represents a commitment to career excellence that can only be obtained by an individual that sets high goals and achieves them through discipline, consistency, and hard work – what every employer is looking for in their next leader and manager.

What is required to complete a course?

100% test scores are required to graduate and be certified in each course. Students can review content and take tests as many times as needed until they have mastered the content. Our objective is that every student actually develops the new skills and knowledge they need to propel their career and income.

“I started in sales and quickly increased my sales numbers by focusing on loving my customers and trying to be a better friend to my customers instead of focused on trying to sell them something for a commission. While in sales I studied hard and learned the F&I laws, presentations and disclosures and practiced them until I was qualified to “fill in” for F&I during busy times. I excelled in that job function and was quickly promoted to F&I where I continually increased my production through transparent and honest presentations to my customers by focusing on their needs and being fair in our prices. I was then promoted to sales manager where I lead a team of 5 salespeople. By sharing what I have learned with them and implementing what I learned from the leadership and desking courses I have been able to increase my team’s production consistently. The College of Automotive Management has put me on a new and better career path. I am 24 years old and very excited about my future in the car industry.”

Moe Elfiqir – F&I Manager, So Cal Motors

“I was going to be promoted from the business office to F&I by my employer. Upon hearing about the opportunity, I immediately enrolled in the ACT program with my dealer’s financial support. Within 90 days of promotion, I became the #1 producing F&I manager in all seven stores in the dealer group by maintaining a per car average over $1,500 by focusing on achieving 100% CSI. I couldn’t have done what I’ve accomplished in my career without the College. As a result of my rapid success, my employer enrolled all of the employees in the entire group.”

Mike Morris – F&I Manager, Aloha Kia

“When I enrolled in the College I was selling 6-8 vehicles a month, and putting $12,000 to $15,000 a month of total gross profit on the books for my dealership in the internet department. Rather than go through the entire course quickly like others have done, I stayed focused on the course content that could help me increase my skills using the phones, email and selling. Within 60 days my income more than doubled from $4,000/mo to more than $9,000/mo. It continued to increase to over $11,500/mo the following month. 12 months later I had put more than $500,000 of total gross profit on the book for my dealership, selling 15-20 cars a month, and made myself well over $100,000 for the year. I was then offered a position at a Lamborghini store due to my sales skills and training where I have been given the opportunity to conduct the entire transaction from beginning to end (sales, desk and F&I) and I Love It!”

Jeremy Hagen – Internet Manager, Mission Viejo Infiniti

“I was a salesperson with two years of automotive sales experience, earning $4,000 – $5,000/mo when I enrolled at the College. I completed the online course in 10 weeks. The first month after graduating I earned $13,000 in commissions and for the first time ever became the number one salesperson. So I paid for the course several times over within the first 90 days. I finally learned how to really connect with my customers and become their friend – vs. a friendly car salesperson. Over the next 12 months I was the top producing salesperson (most gross profit) in the dealership. I continued to review my course content throughout the year, including all updates and F&I Sales Processes and Presentations, and was promoted to the F&I department. Within 90 days, I was the top F&I manager out of 27 F&I managers in our group of dealers. I maintain a per car average over $2,000 per unit after chargebacks, over 75% warranty penetration, and excellent CSI ratings with all my customers. I’m still learning and achieving – the College is a life changer.”

Derek Spady – F&I Director, Earnhardt Cadillac

For Dealers – Individual Performance Results Tracked Monthly

What accountability is there for my investment if I pay to train my staff?

If the dealership enrolls the entire sales department, and the sales managers and F&I managers train with their salespeople so they can help their sales team implement what they learn, then the College provides ongoing individual progress analysis and reporting.


When training begins, the College gathers each employee’s prior 90-day performance results to establish a personal base line for each employee. Once their baseline of units and gross profit per unit average is established, employees are encouraged to outperform their prior self.

”After seeing that every employee, without exception, agreed with the content and…after watching our profits in the first store increase by several hundred percent more than we invested in the training in just the first 30 days I was sold. At that point the decision was simple, provide CAM-ACT to everyone as soon as possible.”

Bill van den Hurk – Owner, Aloha Auto Group (Hawaii Dealer Association President 2016)

What kind of ROI can I expect as a dealer if I invest in The College to help develop my staff?

At the end of each month, the College reports back to the Dealer Principal and/or General Manager each employee’s overall increase in units, total gross profit, and average gross profit per unit sold – both for salespeople and F&I managers as achieved by the employees with management’s full support. Typical ROI’s of 10-20/1 can be expected ($10-$20 of additional profit from added sales and/or higher profit per unit per each dollar invested in training when entire sales/F&I departments train together as a team to achieve all of the dealer’s CSI and profit objectives).

“Our team of 11 salespeople increased their profits per unit by $90,068, and added $53,038 of additional profits from additional sales ($143,306 total profit increase) in the first 90 days by focusing on developing even stronger personal relationships and friendships with our customers. Our CRM was loaded with more personal information about our customers than all 6 of the other stores in our group combined during the last 30 days.”

Mike Aziz, General Manager

Pricing – Friendly Enrollment Support

Pricing – the best part! College of Automotive Management training is remarkably affordable and comes with flexible terms including zero interest financing options so that everyone who wants a professional College of Automotive Management education can have one!


Since individuals or dealers that invest in training and implement what they learn increase their income, the ultimate cost of training for our graduates has only been the time they invested to develop themselves and their career.


Prices vary by course, discounts are offered for purchasing multiple courses, and dealers that train their entire sales and F&I staff receive other price considerations.


To receive a current price quote for your learning objectives, simply fill out the price request form below and one will be emailed to you based on current prices.


Or, call 1-888-857-4411 to speak with a friendly enrollment advisor about your situation to obtain pricing and payment terms.