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Yes! Students that do not utilize the 10-month $249.50/mo payment plan option at the College save $500 when they check out with a credit card or debit card. The $2495 price is reduced to $1995 at check out when payment is made in full. Students that pay in full with a credit card also enjoy lower monthly payments on their credit card balance.

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Yes! Students that want to qualify for all careers for which the College provides career assistance, including salaried positions at lenders, insurance and after market companies that do business with auto dealers, complete both the F&I Management and Sales Management Bundles. Once an initial bundle is complete, the second bundle can be purchased with a one time payment of just $998 (vs. $2495). That is a $1497 savings on the second bundle, or just $3,493 for all F&I and Sales Management courses, including Legal Compliance Certification – and all Career Assistance Options.

Yes! Students that pay in full up front have a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee if they are unhappy for any reason, as long as they do not exceed 30 sessions. Within 30 sessions or 30 days, whichever occurs first, students can confirm this is the right decision for them. We’ve trained and helped place over 7000 professionals in the automotive and lending industries since 1992.

Most students can graduate from a bundle of courses in 4-8 weeks while working full time. The courses are offered 100% online and are self-paced. Students continue to have lifetime access to all courses they have paid for, including future updates to those courses. Continue to rewind and rewatch throughout your career to excel in every position well beyond your graduation date.

Never! Career Assistance is free to our graduates as long as we are in business (been in business since 1992). We only charge for training. We also do not charge employers for recruiting, training and helping to place our graduates with them. Employers prefer CAM graduates and often call the College FIRST when seeking trained candidates that have invested in their own success for obvious reasons.

Diplomas and Career assistance are provided upon GRADUATION AND FULL PAYMENT OF TUITION. For those on the 10-month payment plan, diplomas and career assistance will be available after 10 months. Throughout the training, as each course is completed, a certificate of completion will be issued in addition to the wood framed, triple matted diploma with gold foil that is awarded at the completion of all courses.

Yes! Historically, most students pay their tuition with a credit card or debit card up front to earn the $500 discount and have a lower monthly payment. Since they are able to complete all of their courses in 4-8 weeks while working full time, by training for approximately one-two hours per day, they earn a diploma and qualify for career assistance in 4-8 weeks.

Our pricing for single courses are affordable enough that they do not support a payment plan option. Full payment is required to access a single course. Career Assistance is not provided with single course purchases.

We’ve seen hundreds of employers offer tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit to graduates of our courses. In fact, many employers have offered tuition reimbursement as a benefit to our graduates to attract them to their company. If an employer pays for any portion of the tuition up front, before training begins, we will not offer career assistance to that student to help them move to another employer after graduation. It is impressive when any individual takes the initiate to invest in their own success and learn how to be a more valuable asset to their employer (or next employer). Employers generally respect and reward initiative with tuition reimbursement, promotion, or both.

The College of Automotive Management is the ONLY vocational automotive management school to have ever gone through the rigorous process to qualify and be approved with federal accreditation (only to find out our students did not qualify for the financial grants due to our course programs being too short!!).  There are no automotive management training schools that are long enough in length to qualify for federal funds through accreditation.  As a result, there are no accredited automotive vocational schools in the United States at this time.  Some schools may choose to apply with their state for free funding in the case of workman’s comp claims, and VA benefits.  We found that students that did not pay for their own training do not have the same initiative and results in many cases – as reported by our employer partners.  So we no longer participate in those programs and keep our pricing and zero interest payment options low so that everyone can afford to attend that wants to increase their income and advance their career.  This is another reason that Employers prefer CAM graduates – they all have one thing in common – they believed in themselves enough to invest their time and their money in into their future success, for the benefit of their current or future employer.  Employers know that there is no other place like CAM to find the best!

We can only guarantee the best automotive management education available and provide our commitment to help you succeed as long as we are in business (for our own reputation). If you disagree our training is the best within the first 30 days of training, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. To see what third party industry sources cite for average incomes for the positions we provide training for, and to see sources for determining the number of published jobs currently available in your area, and to see what employers think of CAM graduates, visit this blog.

Yes! The service advisor course is $995 and can be purchased individually, or added to any bundle. There are no discounts for the Service Advisor course.

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