Online Training

Compliance & Ethics Certification


“Do What Is Right by All Parties – Always!”


We recommend that all students (and dealerships) begin with compliance and ethics training.  A commitment to compliance and ethics is the foundation upon which successful skills, processes, and strategies are built.

Professional Sales & Phone Training


“Love the Customer and They Will Love You Back!”


This is professional salesperson training that works in any dealership. To date, 100% of all graduates, including GM’s, GSM’s, Finance Directors, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Closers, and Salespeople agree with our unique sales approach built upon the principle of loving others.

Desking & Negotiations


“Be Transparent”


In this Desking and Negotiations course employees learn the advantages of having the Sales Manager issue the first presentation of terms (as opposed to asking the customer to make an offer and then responding.)

Leasing Structures, Presentations & Disclosures


“Offer Intelligent Options”


To be a great Desk Manager or F&I Manager, and to make more deals happen as a Salesperson, a thorough knowledge of leasing is crucial at a franchise dealership. This course helps you learn the ins and outs of leasing terminologies for effective explanations and presentations.

F&I Product Sales Process & Presentations


“100% Verified CSI 100% of the Time = Higher Profits”


This course provides online training for F&I managers. Our F&I Sales Process & Presentations identifies 13 profit leaks, provides solutions to eliminate each profit leak, and increases the per unit average with a focus on the three most difficult customer situations: customers in a hurry, cash paying customers, and short term lease customers.

F&I Administration & Director Training


“Reduce CIT’s & Increase Dealership Cash Flow”


This F&I administration course emphasizes the importance of cash flow to a dealership, provides the best in class procedures to minimize contracts in transit, and achieves the administrative objectives to operate a successful F&I office at a dealership.

Special Finance Sales & Loan Underwriting


“Be an Expert – Knowledge Is Power to Help When Properly Applied”


This course increases understanding of how to capture more of the local market share (including customers with less than perfect credit.) This course provides detailed loan underwriting training including training for structuring special finance loans.

Servant Leadership


“Be a Leader in Any Position!”


This course focuses on how to build trust between departments and management and how to facilitate change in the digital age without creating resistance or resentment.