Compliance Certification

Satisfy lending and advertising compliance training, testing and certification requirements while providing compliant solutions to tough situations. Federal laws and regulations. Highest rated compliance training by dealership managers.

Compliance & Ethics Certification


$495 - $595

Ensuring compliance in service provision across your dealership is a crucial duty, which might affect customer satisfaction and your business’s reputation if not carried out correctly. College of Automotive Management offers compliance certification, a management program designed to instill a practical understanding of regulatory compliance needs in professionals in the automotive industry.

Following are the goals of this program and key areas covered:
  • Define what compliance means for your organization and develop an organizational response to its demands.
  • Find out who is responsible for compliance
  • Ascertain what drives your compliance exposure
  • Learn how to identify the compliance issues
  • Understand the risk and consequences of non-compliance
  • Understand the regulatory environment
  • Recognize the relationship between compliance and corporate governance, and market expectation
  • Discover the role of ethics and corporate governance in compliance programs
  • Understand what corporate accountability and ethical behavior entails
  • Learn how to generate and implement a tailored corporate compliance program
  • Know how to optimize the organizational structure for compliance