Compliance & Ethics Certification for Sales and F&I

Course Description

  • Comprehensive Online Compliance Training for Salespeople, Management, and F&I Managers (establish a documented “Culture of Compliance”)
  • Ethics Training to Increase Morale, Sales, Profits and CSI Scores
  • Code of Ethics for Each Employee to Sign and Confirm Understanding and Willingness to Comply
  • Testing and Certification

Course Benefits & Learning Objectives

We recommend that all students (and dealerships) begin with compliance and ethics training for several reasons.  A commitment to compliance and ethics is the foundation upon which successful skills, processes and strategies are built.  Protecting the dealer and each employee from claims due to ignorance, or even willful misconduct, is something we encourage everyone to take seriously.  Dealers who provide comprehensive compliance training to all employees, with testing, are less likely to be liable for punitive damages or major lawsuits.  By also providing Ethics training with Compliance training, employees learn what they CAN do to increase business while staying compliant.

It Pays to Be Ethical and Compliant!

Employees don’t always see the financial benefit of being compliant and ethical.  They may sometimes think they can make more money if they are not 100% transparent, honest, and forthright with their customers.


In the compliance and ethics course, dealership employees learn how and why they will ultimately be more successful, make more money, obtain more referrals and repeat customers, as well as have less stress at work when they use ethical sales processes.

This Compliance Training Is Comprehensive and for All Departments!

This compliance and ethics training is the most comprehensive training of its kind for salespeople, desk managers and F&I managers, including compliance issues relating to special finance and digital marketing.  Our compliance and ethics training includes topics for salespeople and desk managers such as do not call rules, privacy policies and payment packing, in addition to F&I compliance and ethics training.

100% Test Scores and Code of Ethics Are Required to Confirm Understanding!

Throughout the compliance and ethics training, all employees are tested until they achieve 100% test scores.  Then all employees sign a code of ethics and commit to take personal responsibility for their own actions.

Employees Are Positive About the College Compliance Training and Thank Their Employer!

To date, graduates of this course have been overwhelmingly positive about the training and would recommend it to others.  Employees also express their gratitude to their employer for providing such training.  Employees say they respect their employer for promoting ethics and compliance with this training at their company.  Employees report being excited to bring in their friends and relatives to do business at their dealerships, because they are proud of where they work.

Providing Comprehensive Compliance & Ethics Education to All Employees Is the Best Insurance Available to Reduce the Possibility of Penalties and Other Enforcement Actions by the FTC and Other Regulators.

The FTC said: “The Commission is not aware of any instance in which an enforcement action was brought against a company for the actions of a single ‘rogue’ employee who violated established company policy that adequately covered the conduct in question.”

-Jim Radogna, Automotive Industry Compliance Expert/Speaker/Author

Student Perspectives

Compliance and Ethics Training Helps Build a Bridge of Trust Between Customers and Employees

“This course is excellent–Best Compliance training we’ve had. The 2 that stand out that I felt were inferior to yours was Zurich and the AFIP certification course. This course helps build trust.”

-Mike Schwartz (General Manager) – Galpin Premier Automotive Group

College of Automotive Management Training Is Appropriate for All Dealership Employees and Presentation Allows For Increased Retention of Material.

“I have been involved with AFIP and JMA certification and find this certification the best in its delivery and presentation with content being better and increased retention of material. Appropriate for all dealership employees.”

-Brian Murphy (GM of F&I Operations) – Sullivan Automotive Group

Compliance and Ethics Training Helps Employees Properly Close More Transactions.

“I rated this course excellent. I do recommend this to others and it surely will help me to make more deals and explain to my customers all their options.”

-Sam Malik (Finance Manager) – Galpin Ford

Compliance and Ethics Training Is a Building Block for All Front End Employee Careers (Salesperson to General Manager).

“Excellent. I could see this course benefiting someone like a new salesperson all the way to the GSM or beyond. I do feel it is a great building block for my personal automotive career goals and will help me in the long term.”

-Brian Steele (Internet Sales Manager) – VanMatre Motor Company

Compliance and Ethics Training Increases Employee Confidence and Customer Referrals.

“This course, Compliance & Ethics, is an excellent course. It gives me a lot of knowledge. It helps in saving a deal ,making more deals, more gross per sale, higher closing ratios, better customer service, more referrals, more repeat business fast negations, higher csi and better customer relationship with customers.” 

-Kamy Mubarak (Professional Salesperson) – Galpin Motors


Compliance and Ethics Training Simplifies the Car Business, Transforms Employees into Valuable Company Assets vs. Liabilities, Creates Bigger Profits, and Gives Employees (and Their Employer) an Edge Over Their Competition.

“The course Compliance & Ethics has helped me increase my numbers and for this reason I rate it as Excellent. I have learned a lot about laws and regulations and I am confident that my customers will see my integrity and will send me more customer referrals. It will also be easier to close deals, increase my gross profit and my csi score. Excellent training content, I would highly recommend to others, I had similar training through HR hot link, but this is way longer, more subjects and available resources provided to view at any time. Thank you for the opportunity of continuous learning experience.”

-Dev Shahani (Professional Salesperson) – Galpin Motors


Student Ratings


Compliance and Ethics - As of January 31, 2019, 99.71% of students have rated this course positively and 96.81% would recommend this course to others.