F&I Director

An automotive finance and insurance director, also called an F&I director, is responsible for managing the cash flow of the dealership. They do this by ensuring contracts prepared for assignment to lenders are funded quickly, for the least amount of cost to the dealership, but with the greatest amount of finance reserve participation.

Pure F&I directors deal primarily with lenders, matching their schedules, and helping fill in for other automotive F&I manager jobs as needed. They are expert automotive loan underwriters and interpreters of bank guidelines.

They may also help ensure people in F&I manager jobs can proceed with all aspects of their roles. This means that they require the same level of knowledge and skill as F&I managers.

All of these can be expertly achieved through the College of Automotive Management’s college-level online F&I training program. This program is designed to fully prepare each graduate to take on automotive finance director jobs.

If you want us to recommend you to our employer partners, you will need to complete our full suite of dealership training courses. These courses will include how to become a better finance director in a car dealership.


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