Automotive Lender Training

The College of Automotive Management is the World’s Premier Automotive Management and Lending School.

Automotive loan underwriting has been at the core of our career education since 1992.  Graduates of our F&I programs not only fully understand the inner workings of a retail automotive dealership so they can provide valuable consulting that solves dealership sales challenges, they understand the intricate details of loan underwriting to help dealerships maximize their cash flow.  That makes our graduates a trusted resource auto dealers can rely upon when they are selecting their preferred lenders.

Graduates of the College understand loan underwriting guidelines, lease underwriting guidelines and even special finance loan underwriting.  They are required to obtain 100% test scores confirming they can accurately interpret credit bureaus, pay stubs (and other forms of proof of income), residency and insurance verifications, advance ratios, debt ratios, discretionary income, payment to gross income ratios, assignment and boarding fees, cap costs, cap reductions, hard adds, soft adds, residuals, reserve income for the dealership, monthly payments – and do it all by hand if necessary!

This is the industry’s most in depth and highest rated loan underwriting training.   Lenders, including mortgage lenders, prefer our College trained graduates and often find their next superstar and team leader at the College of Automotive Management where our students pay for their own training due to their confidence, initiative, and desire to excel in automotive lending.