How and Why To Become Certified In Legal Compliance And Ethics

How and Why To Become Certified In Legal Compliance And Ethics

At the College of Automotive Management, we place the highest value on legal compliance and ethics, which promotes long-lasting, meaningful relationships. This is not only something we instill in our students, but a cultural value we practice every day.

We have found that unethical behavior is rarely the result of fundamentally unethical employees. Most unethical behavior stems from ignorance—these employees don’t realize they are practicing unethical or illegal methods to sell cars, and they do not intend to create problems for you or themselves.

Unfortunately, ignorance is not a worthy defense; many of these well-meaning employees have trouble developing relationships with customers, or worse yet, they end up facing serious fines and prosecution. Most employees in the automotive industry fall into this category.

Good news: You can protect all your employees and the future of your company through formal Federal Compliance and Ethics training. At the College of Automotive Management, we offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date online training certification on the market. We also offer coveted career-advancement diplomas through online courses that are available on-demand.

Read on to learn how a Federal Compliance and Ethics Certification program can unlock the potential of your valued employees.

Why Legal Compliance and Ethics are Essential to Auto Dealers

Unethical behavior heavily affects everyone involved. Unethical practices drive away employees with good character as well as their customers. Once that trust is violated, frustrated customers often bring their business to competing auto dealerships and dissuade friends and family from ever visiting your company. These incidents cost dealerships a fortune every year and increase the odds of investigation, penalties, bad press, and expensive fines.

Federal Compliance and Ethics training also benefits employees who already understand and practice good ethics. The curriculum maximizes their skills and knowledge, allowing them to increase gross profits while building long-lasting and meaningful relationships with every customer and colleague. This behavior also affects everyone involved, but in an extremely positive and lucrative way!

This is every auto dealership’s ideal employee; all employees have the potential to achieve this level of professionalism and integrity through CAM’s training.

Why a Comprehensive Legal Compliance and Ethics Certification Works

There is no shortage of Federal Compliance and Ethics certification programs, but the quality, authenticity, and scope of our course is unparalleled.

CAM’s Federal Compliance and Ethics Certification is:

  • Practical

Every employee who interacts with customers or structures loan terms can—and should—complete the course. It uses real-world examples presented through video, text and downloads, making the learning process straightforward.

  • Self-paced and Online

The format of CAM’s Compliance and Ethics ProgramlEmployees can train at any time and from anywhere, whether they’re at work or at home.

  • Summarized and Effectively Simplified

Employees can efficiently learn what applies to them without having to wade through pages upon pages of dense legal code and jargon.

  • Comprehensive

CAM’s Federal Compliance and Ethics Certification offers more topics than any other training program, with links to the full legal code for reference.

  • Ongoing

The automotive industry is a fast-paced world that’s constantly evolving. Our students gain access to one year of continuous updates via blog posts to keep them informed of current issues and industry trends. Our investment and interest in the future of your employees doesn’t stop once they’re certified!

  • Genuine

We truly value ethics and good-hearted compliance. We want to inspire your employees to grow on both a professional and personal level.

We test all our students until they achieve 100% test scores to confirm their understanding of the ethical rules that govern the automotive industry. After successfully completing the course, every employee signs a Code of Ethics agreement. This is the strongest possible evidence of a “culture of compliance,” should an attorney or federal regulator ever challenge your dealership.

We’ve been in business since 1992 and can proudly say that we’re the industry’s highest-rated automotive training program.

How to Get Started

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