Moe Elfaqir Achieves a Triple Masters at the College of Automotive Management

Education is great. Results are even better! Moe Elfaqir decided to take his career into his own hands and attended the College of Automotive Management’s new online career program at the suggestion of his manager and mentor, Magic Faouri, also a graduate of the College of Automotive Management.

More importantly than just learning new information, Moe implemented what he learned! The College’s new online program includes “objective based” learning tracks that are awarded for performance – not just 100% test scores. Students create a 90-day baseline average of their monthly unit sales, gross profit per unit, F&I income per unit, or their team’s production in these categories if they are in a team-leadership position. Then the training and monitoring begins.

As students learn new skills that are legally compliant focused on long-term customer relationships and then implement what they learn to get a better result, they can be awarded with Master Level certifications. To achieve Master Level certifications, students must achieve significant increases in their production based on benchmarks set up within the training, sustain that increase for multiple months, and all measurable increases in production must be confirmed in writing by the owner/general manager of the dealership.

By focusing on loving the customer as the primary objective, customer satisfaction, and developing personal relationships with the customers Moe was able to take the new skills he learned and not only achieve Masters certification, but achieved a “Triple Masters” by being quickly promoted twice over the course of a year and excelling in each position as he implemented what he learned.

“I started in sales and quickly increased my sales numbers by focusing on loving my customers and trying to be a better friend to my customers instead of focused on trying to sell them something for a commission. While in sales I studied hard and learned the F&I laws, presentations and disclosures and practiced them until I was qualified to “fill in” for F&I during busy times. I excelled in that job function and was quickly promoted to F&I where I continually increased my production through transparent and honest presentations to my customers by focusing on their needs and being fair in our prices. I was then promoted to sales manager where I lead a team of 5 salespeople. By sharing what I have learned with them and implementing what I learned from the leadership and desking courses I have been able to increase my team’s production consistently. The College of Automotive Management has put me on a new and better career path. I am 24 years old and very excited about my future in the car industry.”

Moe’s success at becoming his customers’ friend, being honest, and winning them over is evident from the great reviews he regularly receives. For instance, Kody from Calimesa wrote “Great customer service as soon as I walked into dealer and had a salesman greet me. Walked out with a great looking Scion with factory warranty with the help of Moe (sales manager of SoCal Motors). He gave me a great price and car. Ask for Moe, very good service and salesman”. Another delighted customer, Joel from Montclair, added his words: “Man where do I start. I have nothing but good things to say about this place. The salesman Moe is the best – he’s really cool and friendly. I bought 2 cars from here already and both turned out great and at the best price.” Then there’s Diane from Laguna Niguel: “I don’t like my car I LOVE IT! It’s only been mine for a few months, but it’s been a great car. Never have I found a car online and then knew it was the right car for me. I live in Laguna Niguel, so it’s not like SC Autohaus is down the street, but it was the best decision I ever made. Moe is the sweetest most kind man ever! I love him! He never pressured me except when I told him I didn’t even need to test drive the car, I trusted him completely. After test driving it, a BMW X5, I knew positively I wanted it. He gave me a 1000 mile warranty, so I felt even better should anything come up. I’ve had the car completely checked out by my mechanic and he said it was super clean! Even doing the paperwork was easy, because Moe is so professional and really does treat you like family. I would never consider going anywhere else, but would go there first! Moe will not bring a car to his lot that isn’t quality. He checks them all out and CARFAX’s each one. Always has a great selection too, whether it’s BMW or Mercedes, even has SUV’s and jeeps. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends, hands down best car buying experience I’ve ever had! You haven’t seen the last of me yet, oh and I love you Moe!”

Without a doubt, Moe has learned that if you choose to truly love the customer the customer can’t help but love you back!

Moe’s journey has just begun. He has the benefit of being in a dealership that supports his efforts to learn all he can about the business and provide an environment committed to legal compliance, happy customers, and customer relationships for life so he can flourish and continue to grow in knowledge and skill.

In addition to his studies at the College of Automotive Management, Moe is attending the University of Redlands and is scheduled to graduate with his bachelor’s degree next year.

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