How Dealers and Dealership Employees Can Avoid Being Victims of the FTC’s Wrath

How Dealers and Dealership Employees Can Avoid Being Victims of the FTC’s Wrath

Those currently working in automotive are likely well aware of the increased FTC crack downs on Dealers and Dealership employees.

The violations being targeted include:

  • Unwanted after-market products
  • Made up add-on fees
  • Deceptive claims on vehicle certifications.
  • Deceptive Pricing in Ads
  • Disparate Impact Discrimination

In fact, the list of things to watch out for is getting longer. The good news is that these are easy things to avoid if Dealers and Managers know what they are and how to prepare.

But dealers and managers are not the only ones that are being held liable for violations. Dealership employees can be held responsible, too.

Randy Henrick of Ignite Consulting Partners, Compliance experts that specialize in the automotive industry, has written a very important article on this topic. He notes that his article should be a warning for everyone: “Don’t become the next victim of the FTC’s wrath.

Among other things, dealers are responsible for ensuring that all employees that have access to or handle sensitive customer information, present F&I Products, or quote payments or pricing, receive Compliance Certifications and Continuing Education to meet the FTC Safeguards Standards.

A Simple Solution to Help Dealers and Dealership Employees Exempt Themselves from FTC Crack Downs

That’s why the College of Automotive Management (CAM), in partnership with Ignite Consulting Partners, is offering a practical and affordable solution that is meets the requirements of the FTC Safeguards Rule.

Now Dealers can easily provide CAM’s highly-rated and comprehensive Compliance and Ethics Training and Certification to all employees that handle sensitive customer information, present F&I Products, or quote payments or pricing.

Those who have completed this training know it specifically addresses topics currently under fire by the FTC. The topics include unwanted after-market products, made up add-on fees, deceptive claims on vehicle certifications, deceptive pricing in advertisements, and more.

Like all of CAM’s courses, those enrolled in this course are tested on the content to confirm understanding and agreement. In this program, designed for dealerships to protect themselves and their employees, those test scores, responses on assignments and final certificates are stored in digital files that are easily accessible in case of an audit.

But this program goes a step further. Once employees have completed this certification, they will receive continuing education topics. They can receive it monthly or quarterly, depending on the frequency preferred by the dealership. This ongoing training is powered by the compliance experts at Ignite Consulting Partners and will cover additional topics that are being targeted by the FTC. The combination of the initial certification and the ongoing training will help protect against the FTC’s crackdowns on Dealers and Dealership employees.

A Proven Record of Excellence and Success

This is a remarkable opportunity for dealerships to quickly train all customer-facing employees online, on demand. The initial Compliance and Ethics Certification Course is very comprehensive and the topics it covers are all compliant with the FTC Safeguards rule. Take a look at some comments from a few graduates of this course:

“This course is excellent, best compliance training we’ve had. The two that standout that I feel were inferior to yours is Zurich and the AFIP certification course. This course helps build trust.”

– Mike Schwartz, General Manager, Galpin Premier Automotive Group

“I have been involved with AFIP and JMA certification and find this certification the best in its delivery and presentation with content being better and increased retention of material. Appropriate for all dealership employees.”

– Brian Murphy (GM of F&I Operations), Sullivan Automotive Group

A number of additional reviews can be seen HERE. For more, contact CAM to request all recent reviews of this course.

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These FTC crack downs on dealers and dealership employees is real. This compliance certification and continuing education opportunity is in the marketplace. It can be a game-changer for Automotive Industry Professionals who need a solution to these new regulations.