How to Become a Car Salesman with No Experience in 2022

How to Become a Car Salesman with No Experience in 2022

Have you ever wanted to become a car salesman, but you have no experience? Car salespersons can make a very good six-figure income and are still in high demand across the country. With so many new and used car dealerships, there is an ongoing need across the industry for skilled salespeople.

But what if you don’t have any automotive sales skills or experience selling cars? Do you need an expensive business degree that will take years to complete in order to be a car salesman?

Many questions may come to mind when looking to begin a new career in new and used car sales.

If you’re interested in selling cars for a living, you might be asking yourself, “How do I become skilled and experienced?” Or “What qualifications do I need to be a car salesman?” Or “Is becoming a successful car salesman worth an investment of time and money?”

In this article, let’s take a look at these questions and discuss how to become a car salesman with no prior automotive experience.

Find a Dealer That Will Allow You To Become a Car Salesman with No Experience

Getting a job as a professional car salesperson is not difficult in certain dealerships, provided you are friendly, can speak well and are willing to work long hours. You may also have an advantage if you live in an area with many dealerships.

Approaching a smaller dealership such as a locally owned used car dealer is a great way to get your foot in the door and start your new career as a car salesperson.

Locate the smallest dealerships in your area. A smaller store, especially a family-owned business, will often accept applicants with no experience. Of course, you could get lucky and land a job as a salesman in a more prominent dealership, but the chances of this are smaller.

Start as a Dealership Lot Porter or Attendant and Work Your Way Up

A lot porter’s responsibilities include cleaning vehicles and monitoring inventory. A lot attendant is another name for a lot porter, and they assist the sales team in providing consumers with an exceptional experience.

Working in the lot attendant position also helps you to have a deeper knowledge of customers, the business, and the inventory. Of course, you’ll learn about automobile specs as well, which is helpful for any car salesman.

You will learn about how to store vehicles, detail them, and even fix small things on the spot. A lot attendant also has the role of an outside salesperson that requires them to attend training sessions, vehicle demonstrations and other promotional activities.

After a sales training period, you may eventually work your way into the dealership’s sales department as a new or used car salesman.

Become a Car Salesman by Bringing Experience from Another Sales Job

If you’ve worked in sales in some other capacity and have a knack for working with people, then chances are you’ll be a great fit for a dealership’s sales department. Generally speaking, many of your good sales skills will transfer over to the dealership’s sales floor. In fact, the first sale you’ll need to make is selling the dealership on why you’ll make a good car salesman!

Start by finding out if any local dealerships are hiring. Call them directly or visit them in person to find out about their work requirements. Bring along your resume, which should include any relevant education and work/sales experience.

Take advantage of the internet to gather information about dealerships in your area by searching for “car dealership jobs near me.” Dealership websites will often display current or future job openings. Websites like QoreCareers and USAMotorJobs can be great resources for finding jobs specific to the automotive industry.

Another option is to contact local dealerships that have hiring signs in the window of their building. Approach them directly to see if they are currently accepting applications for salesman jobs. Ask about their requirements, including what educational background they prefer and which days of the week they are holding interviews.

Most car dealerships get many inquiries about salesperson positions daily, so you need to make sure yours stands out in some way.

Some dealerships may offer you a trial period or some basic training to ensure that you have what it takes to transition into a car salesman from another sales industry. But without any prior automotive experience, you’ll likely have fewer options as to where to start your auto sales career.

Fast-Track Your Path to Becoming a Successful Car Salesman With a Training Program That Simulates the Job

So what’s the best solution?

If you want to be more prepared to have faster success earning more money as a car salesperson, there is a great option for this.

Look for a well-respected and highly-rated Automotive Career Training (ACT) program that incorporates the following:

Longevity in the industry. You want a school with a proven track record!
Teaching you all aspects of the salesman job description so you feel comfortable and confident immediately;
Simulating some of the toughest scenarios you might run into with customers so you get get exceptional experience in which you learn to overcome these challenges honestly, ethically and effectively;
Built for working professionals, so you can access the program online, on demand, and complete it at your own pace;
Concise but rich with excellent content, so you can finish the program quickly if you choose;
Career placement assistance to help you find a good sales job in a local dealership;
Offers a payment plan so you can pay as you go.

By investing some resources into this kind of training, you can set yourself up for a high-paying career path that can begin quickly for you. Imagine the kind of immediate and long-term returns you could enjoy from this investment!

If you’d like more tips on how to become a car salesman or gain experience through training and education, contact the College of Automotive Management. We are the industry’s highest-rated automotive training program since 1992, with thousands of graduates with incredible results!