How Automotive Management Professionals Exceed Their Goals By Partnering With Us

How Automotive Management Professionals Exceed Their Goals By Partnering With Us

Since 1992, thousands of automotive management professionals have advanced their careers through our prestigious online training programs. After our students earn their coveted College of Automotive Management diplomas, they continually become top Finance and Insurance Managers and Directors, General Managers, Vice Presidents, Loan Underwriters, by-appointment-only Salespeople, and Corporate Representatives.

Most of our students see a significant increase in their incomes within the first 30-90 days. So it’s no wonder the College has been coined the industry’s highest-rated automotive training program!

Keeping our students’ overall development and success at heart, we have built our courses on unparalleled convenience, quality, and measurable results.


You can complete the College’s courses from the comfort of your own home! All our programs are conveniently self-paced and online. Enjoy the opportunity to train from anywhere in the world while surrounded by your family and friends. Whether you’re relaxing on a beach in Miami, Florida, or taking in the Grand Canyon’s incredible landscape in New Mexico, you can reach your goals no matter where you are.

Let life enhance your journey to a rewarding and lucrative career—not hinder it!


College of Automotive Management graduates meet and exceed the job requirements for top-range, six-figure positions. Our college-level vocational training is designed for achievement in the highest paying automotive industry careers.

For example, F&I Managers (Finance and Insurance Managers) earn an average of 130k per year. Watching our graduates take home this income level is not an exception but a common achievement we see repeatedly. Our comprehensive curriculum empowers our students with an education that aids them in all walks of life.

We also provide superior training to top-level dealer groups like Krumland. Thomas Krumland, the founder and owner of Krumland Auto Group, has built industry-leading dealerships throughout southeastern New Mexico since 1997.

Since its inception, Krumland Auto Group has taken Roswell and Carlsbad, NM by storm. They sell 700 vehicles each month through seven highly reputable and state-of-the-art facilities. The care, integrity, and quality Krumland continually provides their customers are standards all dealerships should aspire to reach. 

Measurable Results

Dealerships who partner with us and implement our training see significant increases in their per-unit revenue and their employees’ morale. These auto groups experience less turnover and enjoy a workplace built on the standards that dealerships like Krumland operate under. Through our effective training approaches, auto dealerships have discovered that a key to winning the war for outstanding talent comes down to investing in their employees.

The resounding success of our graduates also speaks for itself. Read Jeremy Hagen’s story for a real-life example of our training in action.

Partner with the Industry’s Highest Rated Automotive Program

Whether you’re an aspiring student or an established auto group, we can help you exceed your goals. Partner with us today!