How Automotive Management Professionals Increase Their Incomes and Exceed Their Goals

How Automotive Management Professionals Increase Their Incomes and Exceed Their Goals

We all know that success typically breeds more success. The most successful professionals in every industry are always looking for ways to add more skills and tools to their toolboxes, and the car business is no different. Some of the nation’s most successful Automotive managers increase their incomes and exceed their career goals by enrolling in and graduating from a college-level automotive career training program that teaches processes that have a history of being extremely effective.

A Legacy of Excellence that Spans the Decades

Since 1992, thousands of automotive management professionals have increased their incomes and advanced their careers through the prestigious training programs curated by the College of Automotive Management (CAM). After CAM students earn their coveted diploma(s), they continually become top Finance and Insurance Managers and Directors, General Managers, Vice Presidents, Loan Underwriters, by-appointment-only Salespeople, and Corporate Representatives.

Most CAM students see a significant increase in their incomes within the first 30-90 days. So it’s no wonder the College has been coined the industry’s highest-rated automotive training program!

“I heard the stories and read the testimonials, but I didn’t completely understand how powerful the training is until I started working with students and seeing their results,” said Kathy Diane, Director of Corporate Relations and CAM Student Success Coach. “It didn’t just happen for one student here and another there – I kept hearing the same story consistently, over and over again, that they were closing more deals and making more money at work, no matter what their job title was! And then when I started watching them get hired into F&I with no prior F&I experience and getting promoted into management positions as a result of the training, I understood just how unique and special CAM’s training really is.”

Keeping students’ overall development and success at heart, CAM has built their courses on unparalleled quality, convenience, accessibility and measurable results.

Quality that helps automotive managers increase their incomes

College of Automotive Management graduates meet and exceed the job requirements for top-range, six-figure positions. Their college-level vocational training is designed for achievement in the highest paying automotive industry careers.

For example, F&I Managers (Finance and Insurance Managers) earn an average of 130k per year. CAM’s comprehensive curriculum empowers students with an education that aids them in all walks of life.

“There are a number of good automotive career training programs out there, some of which are even slightly less expensive than ours,” said Kathy Diane. But no one else offers all the components we offer in our training. That’s why it’s extremely important for automotive professionals to compare apples to apples when selecting the right training program for themselves or their teams. The comprehensive nature and quality of the content we provide is top-notch – and we have over 30 years of graduate success to prove it!”

CAM also provides superior training to top-level dealer groups like McGavock Auto Group in Texas and Aloha Kia that has stores across the Hawaiian Islands. These and other successful auto groups have a long history of success, ethics and quality operations, which are enhanced by the skill development their staff enjoys.

Whether working in a prestigious dealer group like these, or looking for new opportunities, automotive managers increase their incomes when they put the skills they learn in CAM’s training to use. The same is also true of automotive salespeople.

Convenience that makes training readily available

CAM’s full suite of course offerings, which includes training on the full job of a Finance Manager, Leadership and Sales Manager Training, Federal Compliance and Ethics along with Service Advisor training, can be completed online, on demand, from any device in any location with internet access! All of the programs are conveniently self-paced and easy for working professionals to complete quickly. The content is well-organized, friendly to the learning process and allows students to review content repeatedly at their leisure. So whether you’re relaxing on a beach in Miami, Florida, taking in the Grand Canyon’s incredible landscape in Arizona, or watching geysers and the aurora borealis in Wyoming, you can reach your goals no matter where you are.

Accessibility that makes training affordable

CAM is also unique in their pricing model. In 1992 when CAM first began offering training before the internet was widely used, courses were only offered live and in person. This was a much more expensive way to do business, and made it much more difficult for students to go through the training. So when the college re-built their training programs to be web-based, the goal was to make it more accessible financially as well as geographically.

As of 2022, students can enroll in CAM’s COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE MANAGEMENT AND LENDING online program, which teaches the full job descriptions of Sales, Finance, Fleet, Internet and Special Finance Managers, for a fraction of what they would pay for a semester of tuition in a local public university. CAM even offers an easy monthly payment program. The program is great for those who are new to the automotive industry all together, but is also excellent for helping seasoned automotive managers increase their incomes.

Measurable Results that prove its value

Dealerships that partner with CAM and implement their training see significant increases in their per-unit revenue and their employees’ morale. These auto groups experience less turnover and enjoy a workplace built on the highest standards of ethics, legal compliance, and doing right by all parties at all times. Through CAM’s effective training approaches, auto dealerships have discovered that a key to winning the war for outstanding talent comes down to investing in their employees.

The resounding success of our graduates also speaks for itself. Read Jeremy Hagen’s story for a real-life example of our training in action and see other success stories HERE.

Partner with the Industry’s Highest Rated Automotive Program

Whether you’re an aspiring student or an established auto group, we can help you exceed your goals. Let life enhance your journey to a rewarding and lucrative career! Visit to learn more or to enroll for instant access!