How To Become a Top Finance Manager Without Prior Automotive Industry Experience

How To Become a Top Finance Manager Without Prior Automotive Industry Experience

When you think about your life, where would you like to see yourself in the next five years? How would it feel to be making a healthy six-figure income as a top Finance Manager? The F&I Training Program from the College of Automotive Management (CAM) is designed to help graduates make this a reality. CAM’s Finance Manager training program teaches the entire job description of a Finance Manager. It focuses on proprietary processes that have proven over and over to be highly effective since our inception in 1992! Even those who don’t have any prior automotive industry experience come out of this program as highly skilled Finance Managers.

The coveted F&I Certification from CAM is a key that can help open the door into this promising career. The great news is that it’s very accessible! Not only is it affordable, but it can be completed online on demand in the comfort of your own home. In fact, this training is totally self-contained and self-paced, so students can complete as quickly as they’re able. Students can engage in our training from anywhere – whether on a beach in Los Angeles, or in Central Park in New York City.

Why Finance Manager Training?

With an average annual salary of $130k, it isn’t difficult to understand why so many people want to become Finance Managers. Automotive News confirms the report that F&I Management is the second most lucrative career in the automotive industry. And it’s steadily on the rise. But aside from the sensational pay, F&I Management is a highly rewarding career.

Many employers look for seasoned Finance Managers when they have openings. So if you don’t have years of experience in F&I, the right training program is a great solution. The College of Automotive Management offer’s the industry’s highest-rated automotive career training programs. CAM has graduated thousands of professionals, some of whom were very seasoned Finance Managers before they completed CAM’s program. When seasoned F&I Managers consistently give CAM’s Finance Manager training five stars, you can be assured of its excellence. But furthermore, CAM’s F&I Training program simulates and trains to the full job job description of a Finance Manager. In other words, inexperienced students entering the program become highly skilled and experienced graduates just weeks later.

The Top Three Qualities of a Finance Manager

In Finance and Insurance Management, you will have a tremendous impact on both your staff and customers. Here are the top three qualities every F&I Manager should possess:

  • Leadership

As an F&I Manager, you’ll work as part of a team where you’ll demonstrate the ability to increase productivity, delegate important tasks, and efficiently direct others. You will strive to develop a philosophy that maximizes production and profit and captures your company’s values. Additionally, you will motivate your team and educate the sales staff on the benefits of protective products.

  • Problem Solving and Analysis

F&I Managers are proficient at decision-making and taking effective action. You will form a deep understanding of the dealership’s financial goals, and you’ll find creative ways to exceed them without ever jeopardizing quality or the business. Your analytic skills and logic will go a long way in finding solutions and presenting comprehensive yet concise data.

  • Communication and Interpersonal Abilities

Effective F&I Managers possess strong communication and written skills. You must be able to break down complex data and formulas in a way that’s accessible to your staff and customers. You will need to practice empathy and will build meaningful relationships by upholding the highest standard of ethics.

Read about Tammy Vu, one of our prestigious alumni who has achieved remarkable success as an F&I Manager with no prior automotive experience.

CAM’s Online Courses Will Take you There

As a proud and esteemed graduate of College of Automotive Management, you will have earned an education in the following areas:

F&I Products and Professional F&I Selling Process & Disclosures

Loan Underwriting and F&I Administration

Leasing Structures, Presentations & Disclosures

Subprime (Special Finance) Structures, Presentations & Disclosures

Federal Compliance and Ethics Certification

Most students who work full time (or more) can complete all five courses in the F&I Certification program in approximately 4-6 weeks by investing 60-90 minutes a day in their studies. And since graduates enjoy lifetime access to the course content, they can rewind and re-watch key lessons as many times as they want in order to develop full mastery! In addition, students have access to invaluable coaching and career assistance.

We value you and want to see you succeed. Partner with us today and begin your journey towards a rewarding career as an F&I Manager.