The Automotive Marketing Group joins the College of Automotive in Partnership

To help meet the demand for qualified candidates needed at dealerships throughout the
Southern states, The Automotive Marketing Group selects College of Automotive Management
as its automotive recruiting and training partner!

“We’ve taken a close look at the curriculum offered by the College, and the quality of
individuals that are coming out of the program after paying for their own training in many
cases, and we are all thoroughly impressed at the high level of professionalism and ability the
Alumni of this unique Automotive Career College continue to exhibit. We’ve never seen
anything like it – nor have our dealers. We are thrilled to offer our dealer partners the “first
choice” of Alumni who live near our dealer partners. Our dealers are even signing up their own
sales, F&I and management employees to develop their skills with the College’s online classes
and coaching resources. There really is nothing else like it in the country”, says Stuart Houser,
Owner and Founder of The Automotive Marketing Group.

The Automotive Marketing Group provides best in class media (including TV and Radio)
advertising for leading dealerships, most of which enjoy #1 status in market share in their
markets due to AMG’s services. AMG dealers have great reputations in their communities and
are committed to cultures of ethics and compliance.

“I’ve done other business ventures with Stuart Houser, Owner of the Automotive Marketing
Group (AMG), and I am constantly impressed with the high quality of dealer relationships Stuart
has throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, California and other parts of
the country. AMG’s dealers are first class, employee centric, often dominate in their market,
and offer tremendous employment opportunities for our Alumni. I’m thrilled with this new
partnership for the College and its Alumni. Big win for the entire team.”, reports Eric Andersen,
President of the College.

The College of Automotive Management is the Nation’s first automotive management and
lending vocational career school founded in 1992. The College has trained and placed more
individuals into automotive management and lending management positions throughout the
auto industry than all other F&I or Sales Management schools combined (over 5,000 placed
graduates), and continues to be a leader in the development of relevant curriculum that meets
today’s strict standards for ethics, compliance, and skill development in automotive retail and
lending management.

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