How to Become an Automotive Sales Manager Quickly and Triple Your Income

How to Become an Automotive Sales Manager Quickly and Triple Your Income

What’s the fastest way to become an automotive sales manager and dramatically increase your income?

College of Automotive Management (CAM) graduate Jeremy Hagen provides unique insight into his journey towards success. Jeremy is currently the sales manager at one of the nation’s most prestigious exotic car dealerships, McLarenLamborghini of Newport Beach (California).

Successful People Seek After More Success

When Jeremy found CAM, he was a seasoned internet manager at a highline dealership in Southern California. Jeremy took his career seriously and was willing to invest his time and attention towards becoming excellent at his craft.
The result?

Within 60 days of starting training, Jeremy’s income more than doubled and he became #1!
But he didn’t stop there. Jeremy continued his training and completed CAM’s entire suite of online courses, earning two certifications: F&I Management and Sales Management. Within 90 days his income had almost tripled, and in just over 12 months Jeremy found himself working his dream job at McLaren-Lamborghini Newport Beach.
Here is how Jeremy described his skyrocketed success:

“When I enrolled in the College I was selling 8-9 vehicles a month, and putting $12,000 to $15,000 a month of total gross profit on the books for my dealership in the internet department. Rather than go through the entire course quickly like others have done, I stayed focused on the course content that could help me increase my skills using the phones, email and selling. Within 60 days my income more than doubled from $4,000/mo to more than $9,000/mo. It continued to increase to over $11,500/mo the following month. 12 months later I had put more than $500,000 of total gross profit on the book for my dealership, selling 15-20 cars a month, and made myself well over $100,000 for the year. I was then offered a position at a Lamborghini store due to my sales skills and training where I have been given the opportunity to conduct the entire transaction from beginning to end (sales, desk and F&I) and I Love It! (Newport Beach Lamborghini, CA).”

Small, Consistent Steps Pay Big Dividends

So how did Jeremy achieve such amazing results in such a short amount of time? Jeremy had this to say about his strategy while taking College of Automotive Management Sales, Sales Management, and F&I Manager courses online.

“I wanted to share with you the awesome experience I have had in the last three months since starting Automotive Career Training at The College of Automotive Management. I am excited to be taking this course. I have consistently been number one for three months now. I have increased my units sold from 8-9 units per month to 15-16 units per month and I am retaining more gross. I would definitely attribute my recent increase in sales and income to what I have learned from The College of Automotive Management.”

“This course reminds and affirms you of the good practices you may have forgotten and gives you new insight to how to create good business through relationships. I only wish I had more time in the day to dedicate to learning. However, when I have been most successful is when I sit down and study 20 minutes in the morning before work. This has been very useful in getting my thought process ready for the day.”

It’s that simple. 20 minutes a day online with the College of Automotive Management training to learn new skills, perfect your craft, and set your mind straight can help anyone achieve maximum success each day towards their income and career advancement goals.

We are so proud of you, Jeremy Hagen! We are excited to watch doors continue to open for you because you made the decision to take the initiative and achieve your dreams! And as an elite CAM Alumnus, we are so glad to promote you and your prestigious employer.

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