Complete Automotive F&I Training Program

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Course Objectives

  • Learn to identify the 13 most common F&I profit leaks at any dealership and implement proven solutions
  • Proprietary F&I Process designed to handle ANY F&I situation like a PRO including: Customers in a Hurry, Cash Paying Customers, and Short Term Lease Customers!
  • An F&I Process that ensures 100% VERIFIED Sales and F&I Department CSI 100% of the time BEFORE customers leave the dealership
  • An F&I Process that ensures all administrative details are complete before the customer leaves to reduce contracts in transit (CIT's) and costly rewrites (including loan underwriting, stipulation reviews, insurance/income/residence verifications, and required federal disclosures)
  • Extensive product knowledge training on popular F&I products to increase value in the F&I manager's mind
  • Pricing policies that are compliant and designed to achieve 50% or higher penetration on all F&I products to eligible customers and avoid unfair business practices
  • Interactive "Role Play" events and multiple video presentation reviews to develop new skills
  • How/Why to address Credit Application, Credit Bureau and Loan Underwriting Abnormalities
  • Contracts in Transit (CIT) Management
  • Loan Underwriting and Lending Guideline Interpretation for A/B Paper
  • Credit Bureau Analysis and Interpretation by Lenders
  • Common DMV Forms and Federal Disclosure Documents
  • Various Interest Rate and Rate Participation Calculation Methods Used by Lenders
  • Loan Packaging for Fast Funding
  • Lender Selection, Relations and F&I Director Skill Development
  • Advanced Subprime Lender Guideline Interpretation Skills - Choose the Best Lender for Every Situation
  • The Reverse Sales Process - Lining Up Customers for the Right Vehicles From the Start
  • 100% CSI with All Subprime Customers to Obtain Unprecedented Referrals from Friends
  • Skills for Obtaining and Interpreting Proof of Income, Proof of Residence, Time on Job and Residence Verifications, Tax Return Interpretations used by Lenders prior to Final Delivery of Vehicle
  • Better Manage Bankruptcy, Charge-offs, Judgements, First Time Buyers, Self Employed, and Other Loan Underwriting Challenges that Provide Exceptional Profit and Relationship Opportunities!
  • Faster Funding of Subprime Loans for Maximum Cash Flow
  • Maximize Lease Penetration at Your Dealership
  • Ensure More Repeat Business (Future Lease Return/Resell Strategy)
  • Achieve Higher Profits Per Transaction by Providing More Options (Lease vs. Buy and One Pay Lease vs. Cash Purchase Options)
  • Leasing Terminologies, Lease Calculations
  • Lease Presentations, Required Federal Disclosures including Regulation M, Common Objections and Responses to Leasing
  • Leasing Department Strategies
  • Learn not to be just an F&I Manager, but rather how to be a Record-Setting F&I Manager/Director Master!
  • Reduce/Eliminate Employer Liability by Providing Compliance Training to all Employees.
  • Dozens of Federal Laws and Regulations Pertaining Specifically to Automotive Retail and Lending.
  • Comprehensive Online Compliance Training for Salespeople, Management, and F&I Managers.
  • Establish a Documented "Culture of Compliance, Testing and Adherence" to Federal Laws and Regulations with Permanent Digital Files for all Employees.
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct Signed and Digitally Stored for Every Employee Confirming Understanding and Willingness to Comply.
  • Testing Records to Prove 100% Understanding, and Certification for Completion.
  • Support a Culture of Compliance and Ethics that Employees are Proud to be a Part of and Attract Employees of Character to Your Organization.
  • Graduates of this course earn certification in Federal Compliance and Ethics Certification

Courses Included

The coveted diploma earned at the College of Automotive Management is respected by dealers nationwide.
Complete Automotive F&I Training Program - certificate
"Thanks to the College's Finance Program I have increased my PVR by far, and I'm so excited to say that my income has increased by at least 30%! This course by far is one of the best if not the best I've taken. Every single chapter has different ways to better yourself and to fully understand objections, and also to advise our customers how to protect their investments. If I had to give a ballpark I would say I've increased my PVR by 400-500 per copy, and at times, more. I'm super excited. A big thank you to everyone's contribution!!"

Adrian B., Finance Manager, Galpin Motors

CAM F&I Management Graduates are MORE THAN Qualified and Hit the Ground Running!


“I was promoted from the sales department after taking ALL of CAM's online training courses and within 90 days I became the #1 F&I Manager throughout our large dealer group (Earnhardt TX)! i maintain a PVR over $2000 and work in a store where many of our customers lease or pay cash (Cadillac). I'm 23 years old. The College changed my life.”

Derek Spady - F&I Manager/Director

“I had no sales experience in the auto industry. After taking all 8 online courses provided by the College of Automotive Management I was promoted from the Business Office at my dealership and quickly achieved a PVR of approximately $1500 and become our top producing F&I Manager - group wide (4 KIA stores)”

Michael Morris - F&I Manager

“I was not employed with a dealer, nor did I have any prior automotive experience (I was a dealer at a casino), when I first enrolled at College of Automotive Management. During my online training, I received employment in F&I at a Land Rover/Jaquar dealership! This course has really made me understand that I need to be honest and truthful in all deals. By taking these courses at the College of Automotive Management I am taking the first step to achieving my passion and goal I set 10 years ago. Thank you College of Automotive Management for making it convenient and fast to learn what my goals are and that my dreams are not that far out of reach!”

Tammy Semon, Finance Manager

Experienced F&I Managers Also Increase Their Income with CAM & Rate the Training Excellent!


“Thanks to the College's Finance Program I have increased my PVR by far, and I'm so excited to say that my income has increased by at least 30%! This course by far is one of the best if not the best I've taken. Every single chapter has different ways to better yourself and to fully understand objections, and also to advise our customers how to protect their investments. If I had to give a ballpark I would say I've increased my PVR by 400-500 per copy, and at times, more. I'm super excited. A big thank you to everyone's contribution!!”

Adrian B., Finance Manager - Galpin Motors

“The training at the College has been critical with my new position as Finance with Galpin Kia. My PVR is a lot higher -- I increased my average by $288.00. So far, this course has been one of the most valuable training courses and is an excellent resource. I will highly recommend it to others.”

Elizabeth Palacios, Finance Manager

“I am the COO of Aloha Auto Group. This is an excellent course and provides real life examples of how to effectively handle the F&I process from start to finish. It is important to verify sales department CSI so that you know your customer is happy and you will eliminate sales issues in your F&I presentation. If you build rapport and a relationship the customer will have more confidence and trust in the benefits you are presenting because he knows you care about him. The presentation is excellent. Nice, clean, non-confrontational...”

Russel Wong, COO

“I have been a Finance Manager at Galpin Ford for 12 years. I was able to increase my PVR over $230 over my previous 60-day average and maintain that increase for two consecutive months, qualifying me to be honored with the Master's Certification on my diploma. The finance product sales process developed by the College has many valuable tools and techniques. I enjoyed the amount of detail that went into each course, the provided examples on the specific processes and procedures, and how it took you through the beginning to the end of the entire process. Even after many years in the finance department this is the first course that I have been exposed to with this material that represents such a successful explanation.”

Janet Lazar, Finance Manager

“The F&I Products and Presentation courses are excellent. Last month my income per unit increased $130 over my yearly average. I am finding this course very useful and a great source for learning new things to which I trust as it is coming from the best of the best. I find our customers really appreciate that fact that we care about their experience...”

Jeremy Chick, F&I Manager

“I have been a Finance Manager for 5 years at Galpin Ford and have done many other courses, but this F&I one is certainly the best. I give it an Excellent rating. Since I graduated the College, I have increased my PVR by $70.00. I firmly agree with the processes taught and believe respecting your customer and loving them brings more business through them.”

Sam Malik, Finance Manager

“I rate the F&I Course at the College excellent. There is a lot of great information in the course and the processes are solid. This process promotes getting the customer thru the buying experience with confidence, making sure that they have all the information, great deal, and an excellent experience. Because of this training, I increased my PVR at least $200. The CSI form provided in the course is a great guideline to ensure the customer experience and address any issues before going through the finance process. It offers you a good guideline to use and adapt for your process with your customers.”

Jim Knight, Finance Manager

“The F&I course is excellent. I definitely would highly recommend this training class to everyone who is in the Car Business. I think it is one of the best courses I ever had. It will help me to improve and bring in more gross for the dealer. After I completed the training, I raised my PVR by 29%, increasing it $250 per copy. Thank you very much for all your help.”

Fernando Bolanos, Finance Manager

“I have worked as a Finance Manager for 16 years. I have had many training programs and courses over that time, and my goal for this training was to honestly represent my products and the company I work for, increase my per car average, and have fun while doing it. The College's Proprietary F&I Sales Process course is excellent, and I would highly recommend it to other people in the field, either looking to learn the trade or get better at it. By using these methods and since I have graduated the College, I have increased my income $219 per unit. It is a clear straight forward process that if done properly and systematically, it will eliminate issues, keeping customers happy, the dealer protected, and lead you to the end without any problems, increasing profits mostly every time. Thank you for everything.”

Alex Elias, Finance Manager

“I have more than 10 years of automotive experience, and even worked for an F&I product company that conducted F&I training for dealers that sold their products (Southwest Dealer Services). I decided to enroll in the College of Automotive Management to increase my skill level at Tuttle Click Ford in Irvine, CA. The online course provided by the College was more detailed and provided much more explanation than any other F&I training I had ever experienced (or delivered) and has helped me maintain a per car average over $1,200 per unit, with happy customers.”

Joseph Claytor, Finance Manager

“I have been in Finance for the past 5 years at Galpin Ford (#1 Ford Dealership in the World for 29 consecutive years). I rate the F&I Course excellent. By following these procedures, every single time a customer comes in to finance every detail will be explained. Customer are then happy, feel comfortable, and will trust you in a way that they know you are looking for their best interest. After I completed the training, I increased my PVR by $125 per unit. I loved the scripts, thought it was a great course, and felt it really benefited me. This training helped, and I would recommend it to others.”

Carlos Alfaro, Finance Manager

“Because of CAM I have much less stress, a much higher level of customer service, and have had an increase to $2,701 PVR. Now I am going for the "Elite" award recognition at my current dealership (Crown Kia).”

Derric Pettiway, Finance Manager

“I have been a Finance Manager for 10 years at Galpin Premier (highline dealership) and have been one of the top-producing managers for the Company over the past 6 years. This is a really great course, and I believe everyone should take it. I increased my PVR $100 after completing it, and it truly benefited me and my business. I love how compliant it is, how it helps to have repeat customers, a better relationship with them, and higher CSI. It also helped me to understand and work subprime deals better. I have had a lot of F&I training over the years, and this one was really good. I rate it excellent, and I would highly recommend this course to others.”

Tony Samyee, Finance Manager

“2.5 years into my F&I position at the Auto Gallery (Porsche) I decided to enroll into CAM's online program. At the time I was making $100K per year. I am making over double what I once was... (about $250,000 per year) and I owe much of it to the help of CAM. I loved that CAM taught me how to sell because no one ever had. No one taught me about leasing or subprime or anything of the like -- except CAM. From my experience and success, I recommend that this training be for ALL F&I managers, and even salespersons.”

Kaye Lammy, Finance Manager

“I have been employed by Galpin Honda for 3 years and have been in Finance for 2. My goal was to increase my PVR by $200, and ever since I set that goal, I believe that I have exceeded it. When I compare this course to others I believe that College of Automotive Management courses are more realistic and down to the point, and it covers real story examples that are much better than just theories. I rate this course excellent.”

Artin Mardiroos, Finance Manager

“I started working at Galpin in 1999, and have been in Finance for the past 5 years. I rate the F&I Course excellent. By following these procedures, every single time a customer comes in to finance every detail will be explained. Customer are then happy, feel comfortable, and will trust you in a way that they know you are looking for their best interest. After I completed the training, I increased by PVR by $125 per unit. I loved the scripts, thought it was a great course, and felt it really benefited me. This training helped, and I would recommend it to others.”

Carlos Alfaro, Finance Manager

“I rate this course as 'Excellent' and would highly recommend it to others. I rated the course the way I did because I believe it to be a very important aspect to the overall sale of a car. All parties involved, including the customer, the sales person, the finance manager and the dealership win! The sales person can have confidence that their customer will be protected and will also give great referrals and repeat business after the sale. The finance manager benefits because they are helping the sales staff retain a valued customer for future business and referrals, generating greater profits for the dealership and themselves personally while also protecting the customer. It is a win win for everyone. The course was very helpful to me as it showed alternative ways to present and overcome challenges when offering additional service products to a customer. It allows me to really have confidence and peace of mind when presenting these products because they are for the greater good for the customer.”

Herby C. Heiney III, Finance Manager

“The course helps both Aloha Kia and myself to understand my role as an Finance Manager so that I may represent Aloha Kia to the best of my abilities. This course will also increase the revenue to both Aloha Kia and myself.”

Myron Nakayama, Finance Manager

“In taking this portion of this course on F&I Administration I have had the opportunity I feel to equip myself with the necessary tools and skills to eventually become F&I Director and eventually a Sales Manager at a dealership in the near future. I currently hold the position of F&I Manager and even though I have only been in this position for 14 months the material in this course has really expanded my understanding and view of F&I. Initially I was leery about this course but have come to find as I continue to go through it how excellent and up to date the information is. I would highly recommend this course to my peers in the industry.”

Derrick Pettiway, F&I Manager

“I rate this course Excellent, It provides insight on information and best practices to generate the most income, and deal structures that are the most beneficial to the consumer.”

Justin Hauglum, Sales Manager

“This course has shown me how banks look at and process information. It has also shown me how important every bit of information we can gather about the customer and their situation, can and will improve our chances of getting a deal bought the first time around. With this information the deals that become unwound should be minimized. The finance office should have a constant problem-free flow of deals to the banks. The C.I.T. rate should be very low.”

Joe Moss, Professional Salesperson

“Special Financing I rate excellent. This course allowed me to understand specifically what subprime lending guidelines are, how to interpret the credit bureaus and how to view the app from the subprime lenders standpoint. Also, having a clearer understanding on each will help to sell the lender. Will this assist in the effort of selling more cars? Yes! Excellent! Good information all around. The setup of the course was easy to follow and I would recommend this to any person with 2 days into the business or 20 years in.”

Jonathan Kaaihue, Finance Manager

“This is a very excellent course, and I know that I will benefit from it, much more so, for my dealership. I have already achieved improved closing ratio, improved gross, improved CSI, and happy customers.”

Willford Solancho, Professional Salesperson

“I am the GM. I think this was an excellent course and all desk and F&I Managers should be required to watch and learn it. Again, by having a great understanding of special F&I and knowing the bank programs you can structure a deal that will be very hard to TD. You have to know your programs and what bank you are designing the deal to go to up front.”

Allan Jose, General Manager

“This course is excellent, best compliance training we've had. The two that standout that I feel were inferior to yours is Zurich and the AFIP certification course. This course helps build trust. ”

Mike Schwartz, General Manager, Galpin Premier Automotive Group

“I rate this as excellent. The material was engaging and concise and user-friendly. When F&I Managers are aware of compliance laws it allows a speedier paperwork process which in turn leads to better customer satisfaction. Good CSI, leads, referrals, repeat business and happy customers. I trained with AFIP it was boring, not engaging and I did not learn as much. They focused on things that were not part of the day to day responsibilities. I do not think that the two compare as this training is hands down better.”

Anonymous, F&I Manager, Volkswagen of Santa Monica

“I've learned a lot about what's compliant and what's not. This course was easy to read and understand. Also, the topics were well broken down. I had different training two years ago and it wasn't an online course. This online course is much better. I give this course an excellent rating. ”

Kevin Lee, Finance Manager, Toyota of Hollywood

“The Compliance and Ethics course was excellent training. Highly recommend - very detailed and practical. I have had training and 2 day courses for ethical behavior with the association of finance and insurance professionals (AFIP). This course was more detail and was not necessary to go to a two days class.”

Hassan Movahedzadeh, F&I Manager, Toyota of Santa Monica

“This program offers a clear breakdown of the critical regulations that will help me be the best employee that I can be. I have renewed my knowledge of how to address new and used vehicles, the contracts, credit applications, forms of sales, certificates, DMV records, and legal agreements. This program shows that customer-employee relations are the foundation of a successful business. I received similar training in this subject before... this program was insightful, clear, and useful. I would give this program excellent ratings.”

Haim Bushy, F&I Manager, Toyota of Hollywood

“This course Compliance and Ethics is a good course. This course makes me more confident. It allows me to answer questions that arise throughout the year or that other members of the dealership may not know. I am confident already in my knowledge, this supplements it. I took the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP) course last year. That was extremely hard to get through as information was just read out loud to us and we were supposed to read a book and learn it all on our own. This is more interactive and helpful.”

Fred Simon, Fleet/Finance Manager, Toyota of Hollywood

“The Compliance and Ethics course is excellent, especially the videos. The course gives you the knowledge necessary to build trust with clients and do the right things involved with the laws and regulations established by the DMV, state and federal governments. This will allow me to save the company money by avoiding lawsuits... I have had this training before with online and formal training in a classroom and by outside companies... Everyone was different but this one was by far the best because of how comprehensive it was and how much information it covered in one course.”

Lee Maehlman, Sales Manager, Subaru Pacific

“This Course of Compliance and Ethics is Excellent. While giving the basic compliance that needs to be adhered to it also reminds us of the human factor. My last dealership that I was at for 10 years impressed the importance of ethics and had constant training through KPA (I believe this was the name of the program). This program basically the same but the way this is set up seems to be a smoother way to go through it. Excellent Rating.”

Steven Majick, Sales Manager, Subaru Pacific

“Excellent, very informative. The course taught me additional compliance and ethics that I can implement in our day to day business, allowing me to protect myself, my employer, and the customer. JM&A was similar but geared more towards Finance and Insurance, this course was more full spectrum and more informative. Excellent, Very Informative. ”

George Dunbar, Sales Manager, Pacific Volkswagen

“Compliance & Ethics, Excellent. It opened my eyes to a lot of areas of opportunity to always get better and evolve in the car industry. It's helped me try to build a more desirable image for myself and for my dealership. I did (compliance) at JM&A. This is more in-depth analysis with real world situations. The other course was just reading through the regulations. ”

Berdj Hakverdian, F&I Manager, Pacific Volkswagen

“Compliance and Ethics is an excellent course; the course material is great and the videos help keep it interesting. I did a compliance training with JM&A in Florida. Very similar, great content, only they didn't show video clips to help really bring home the point. Overall, Good Rating. ”

Trent Turner, Finance Manager, Audi Pacific

“This course Compliance and Ethics has already been beneficial to my career. This will protect the dealership and importantly promote a friendly environment that will grow. Yes (I've taken other compliance courses), Auto Advisory, This course has been far superior and far more detailed. Excellent Rating, All around. ”

Sonny Baldassanno, General Sales Manager, Pacific Volkswagen

“Excellent Course. Very glad Bert and the Boeckmann Family authorized this course for the dealership. While most of the information is material I knew from training I have received over the years at Galpin Ford, there was also material I was unaware of. I found it productive and comprehensive. I would recommend it to anyone in the business.”

Jon B., Used Car Sales Manager, Galpin Ford

“I have been involved with AFIP and JMA certification and find this certification the best in its delivery and presentation with content being better and increased retention of material. Appropriate for all dealership employees.”

Brian Murphy (GM of F&I Operations), Sullivan Automotive Group
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