Why Employers Partner With The College Of Automotive Management

Why Employers Partner With The College Of Automotive Management

CAM employer partners prefer CAM grads.

Dealer Assist LLC has recently chosen The College of Automotive Management (CAM) to provide automotive career training to their employees, agents, and dealer clients. Dealer Assist excels at maximizing income and personnel development strategies for auto dealerships nationwide.

“We prefer promoting and recommending individuals trained by the College of Automotive Management to our dealer clients,” says Victoria Surgent, CEO at Dealer Assist.

CAM is the Industry’s Highest-Rated Automotive Management Training Program

CAM is the highest-rated automotive management training program in the industry, and the only 100% web-based vocational college. Built with love from the ground up, The College provides a robust, unique, and well-rounded training program that guarantees an increase in success for all professionals in the automotive industry. The College’s employer partners appreciate CAM’s compassionate, personalized coaching, comprehensive, and masterful approach to training.

The College of Automotive Management’s prestigious training program continually produces excellent graduates who produce excellent results.

Detailed job descriptions and process training categories offered by CAM include:

“These fantastic training and coaching solutions we now provide due to of our partnership with CAM sets our agency apart,” says Victoria Surgent. “We can really take our dealers to the next level in F&I product sales, vehicle sales, CSI, and service drive revenue.”

Students of the College of Automotive Management learn the highest level of ethical skill development used by record-setting professionals in the automotive industry who are excelling in the positions of: Professional Salesperson, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, F&I Manager, F&I Director, Special Finance Manager, Internet Manager and General Manager.

“We’ve partnered with the College to create an ‘East Coast’ virtual academy,” says Victoria Surgent. “This will help us accomplish two things: First, it will help us recruit talent for the dealers we serve. Then, it will help us develop those individuals into highly-skilled automotive professionals that can operate at the highest levels…”

Learn more about the College’s exciting partnership with Dealer Assist LLC and visit their state-of-the-art training academy: https://dealerassist.soarlms.com/

CAM’s Founding Principles

The award-winning McGavock Auto Group also has chosen the College of Automotive Management to provide superior career training to their employees across their six Texas dealerships.

Founded in 1976 by Steve McGavock, the McGavock Auto Group is grounded in Biblical principles, family values and the Golden Rule: Treat customers like close friends and family. Today, Brent McGavock, Steve’s son, instills these values throughout the company and his valued employees.

“It’s all about the customer first and we’re on the same page for sure,” says Brent McGavock, Dealer Principal for the McGavock Auto Group. “One of the reasons we partnered with the College of Automotive Management is because of the one-on-one support. We’re not just another number. It’s like a family and that’s what I like best. You can pick up a phone and talk to somebody right away, and they’ll say ‘yeah, let’s try!’”

The content of CAM’s training aligns very well with McGavock’s company culture and values, which makes them a natural fit.

“Love on the customer,” says Kathy Diane, the Director of Employer Relations for the College of Automotive Management. “Put the customer first, the dealership second, the sales in third place, because when you’re really focused on doing what’s best for all parties, everybody wins.”

Established in 1992, CAM provides a unique brand of “Automotive Career Training” (ACT) that focuses on three primary principles:

  1. Ethics
  2. Loving customers
  3. Mastering compliant processes

“The McGavocks really pour into their employees and treat them like family,” says Kathy Diane. “They have great relationships with their employees and their employees genuinely appreciate them! I’ve been impressed by the warmth, kindness and mutual support that flows through the leadership, employees, and customers.”

Partner with Industry Leaders

Employers who partner with The College of Automotive see significant increases in their employees’ per-unit revenue and morale. They enjoy less turnover and a workplace built on the highest quality of standards. Employers and auto dealerships have discovered that the key to winning the war for outstanding talent comes down to investing in their employees. To learn more about how you can partner with the College of Automotive Management to bring the nation’s top-rated automotive training to your dealership(s) via your own private-label training platform(s), CLICK HERE.