Stellantis Financial Services has selected CAM’s Leasing Master Class to train their teams

Stellantis Financial Services has selected CAM’s Leasing Master Class to train their teams

The College of Automotive Management (CAM) is proud to announce that Stellantis Financial Services, Inc. has selected specific course offerings to train their sales teams. Stellantis Financial Services, Inc. is the captive finance company for FCA US auto dealers, serving Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Fiat, Alfa-Romeo and Mopar. While the company has robust leasing programs, they are looking to grow that aspect of their business. To do that most effectively, their new and existing sales teams need to possess a comprehensive knowledge of leasing structures. Therefore, Stellantis began researching the marketplace to find the best training options to accomplish this objective.

“We are proud to have been selected by Stellantis Financial Services on behalf of FCA US to provide current legal compliance and lease expertise training to all of their dealer-facing employees,” said Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management. “The progressive leadership at Stellantis Financial Services is leading the way in leasing, prime and subprime financing for all of their dealers. They are excellent at what they do.”

Leasing is great for dealerships and customers, making this course a key offering for Stellantis employees

“Leasing is an excellent way for automotive dealers to help guarantee their future inventory levels and sales due to lease returns and renewals,” says Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management. “As residual values and money factor rates come back into line, leasing penetrations at the dealership level should return to normal and potentially increase over prior practices. Stellantis’ vision is for their sales teams to help their nationwide network of dealers sell more leases. So their sales teams need to become ‘leasing consultants’ with extensive knowledge of leasing strategies, loan underwriting, legal compliance and retail best practices. Similarly, they need to equip their loan underwriters with the same advanced knowledge and skill sets. The Leasing Master Class and Legal Compliance and Ethics courses offered by the College of Automotive Management are ideal for helping them achieve their goals. This was confirmed when, after the first month of training, their employees consistently gave the content excellent ratings. But most importantly, they are able to articulate all the new knowledge they gained in the short but powerful training courses. Employees who have completed the courses have also praised Stellantis for providing this career knowledge to them.”

“This course has been a phenomenal tool to learn about leasing and its terminology, use, disclosures, and how to calculate a lease payment,” said Ty Hamilton, Credit Manager for Stellantis Financial Services. “The content covered is extremely beneficial, especially since we are beginning to roll out new Lease programs within SFS. The terminology and lease calculations will be extremely useful to my employer in the event that leasing and terminology needs to be explained to someone that may not have much experience with it, and because I will be interacting with these terms and calculations regularly…Additionally, learning about the difference in disclosures between Reg Z and Reg M will be of great value in the future, especially so to remain compliant. Overall the course was informative and detailed and I’m extremely glad I was able to complete it. I would give this course, Leasing Structures, Presentations and Disclosures, an excellent rating, 5 stars. I am grateful that Stellantis provided this course for a variety of reasons.”

A legacy of automotive training excellence delivered online via an innovative technology solution

CAM has offered the industry’s highest rated automotive career training since its brick-and-mortar inception in 1992. Courses include Subprime Financing, Loan Underwriting, Leasing, Federal Compliance and Ethics, Professional Selling, Lead Management, Phone Training, Desking and Deal Structuring, F&I Process Training, Remote Selling and Independent Dealership Operations.

CAM courses are delivered online via a white-labeled SOAR LMSi learning platform. SOAR is the first intelligent LMS with advanced interactive features for instructors including video role play and other coaching and group development tools.  CAM Classes are self-paced and delivered on demand. They come complete with testing, grading, and personal coaching from the College.  With the SOAR platform delivery, students can access unparalleled college-level automotive training from any device, any time, from anywhere in the world. This gives students the advantage of moving through the content at a cadence that is most appropriate for them. It also creates a unique and highly effective solution for automotive dealers and finance companies that need to offer internal training.

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