How to Find (and Get Hired For) High Paying Automotive Jobs in 2023

How to Find (and Get Hired For) High Paying Automotive Jobs in 2023

Have you ever wondered what options are out there for folks in the automotive industry who are looking to increase their incomes or advance their careers? Or what about people looking to make a career change that offers them a respectable income without having to go back to college and earn a four-year degree? You might be surprised to learn that the automotive industry offers some remarkable earning opportunities that don’t require a college degree. In fact, many of the high paying automotive jobs we’ll discuss in this article pay well into the six figures! And the jobs are plentiful. At any given time, you can find over a thousand high-paying open positions in the automotive industry nationwide, and this article will help you learn how to find them.

Whether you want to work directly with cars as a technician or simply within the greater automotive field, you’re sure to find high-paying jobs in the automotive industry that suit your interests, natural skill sets and preferences. For each of the jobs we address in this article, we will provide the national average salary as of 2023, a brief synopsis of the job description, and good search terms to use on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. We’ll finish by offering you little-known secrets to fast-tracking your career in automotive sales or management, even if you have no prior automotive experience! So let’s start with jobs for folks who want to work on fixing vehicles or otherwise be on the service side of the business, followed by sales positions and ending with high-paying management positions!

High Paying Automotive Repair and Service Jobs: Automotive Repair and Service Managers, Advisors and Technicians

High paying automotive jobs in this category that offer the greatest salaries typically require specialized skills and knowledge. Engineers, for example, can earn a six-figure salary in this field. But other skilled professionals such as mechanics, technicians and service managers can also make good money working with cars. Let’s take a look at those average salaries, according to data we pulled from

1. Auto Body Repair Technician

National average salary: $58,706 per year (or $29/hour)

Job description: An auto body repair technician repairs the bodies of damaged vehicles. They generally work on cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RVs that have been in an accident or collision. Among other things, auto body technicians may remove or replace parts of the vehicle, buff out scratches, pop out dents, and repaint the outside to ensure that everything matches.

Keyword Search Terms: Auto Body Technician, Collision Repair Technician, Auto Paint and Body

2. Automotive/RV/Marine Mechanical Repair Technician

National average salary: $48,277 per year (or $23/hour)

Job description: An automotive repair technician is responsible for diagnosing and repairing vehicles that are experiencing a mechanical malfunction of some kind. These folks are usually required to have the ability to work on a wide range of makes and models, and must be able to complete the repairs properly and promptly, assuming the needed parts are readily available.

In many cases, there is room to grow in this kind of job as you gain experience and certifications for certain vehicle makes. To get started in this line of work, you might elect to become a lube technician or an apprentice. Jobs like this usually start out paying about $14-$17/hour, and give you experience from which you can begin to learn how to work on cars. Keep in mind that many employers will require you to have tools as a repair technician.

Keyword Search Terms: Automotive Technician, Automotive Service Technician, Auto Mechanic

3. Automotive/RV Service Advisor

National average salary: $51,270 per year (or $25/hour)

Job description: An automotive service advisor interfaces between the repair technicians and the customers at a dealership. S/he may need to be able to identify problems with vehicles, but will almost always be responsible for gathering information about warranties and/or provisions for service coverage, as well as drafting orders for repairs to be done.

There is a lot of room to grow as a Service Advisor and many can make well into the six figures with experience. These individuals must possess excellent customer service skills and the ability to overcome customer objections to repairs needed on their vehicle.

PRO TIP: If you are looking to fast-track your career as a service advisor, particularly as it relates to customer relations, consider investing in a training program that is specific to this position, like THIS ONE.

Keyword Search Terms: Automotive Service Advisor, Automotive Service Writer

4. Automotive Service Manager

National average salary: $66,762 per year

Job description: An automotive service manager heads the entire service center in a dealership. They’re in command of personnel hiring, training, and leading other team members. The automotive service manager sets financial and commercial objectives for their department. If a client has a question or problem, the service manager is frequently involved in assisting them. It’s important to note that some dealerships hire Fixed Operations Managers or Directors, the annual salaries of which can be higher.

Keyword Search Terms: Automotive Service Manager, Automotive Parts and Service Director, Fixed Ops Manager

High Paying Automotive Sales Jobs: BDC/Internet Sales, Automotive Salespersons and Corporate Representatives

Now that we’ve taken a look at what you can earn on the service side of things, let’s take a look at what you can earn on the sales side.

5. BDC (Business Development Center) Representative

National average salary: $81,633 per year (according to job search websites)

Job description: BDC Representatives, sometimes referred to as Internet Salespersons, typically handle incoming phone calls, emails and internet leads. They communicate with leads to determine what the customer’s need is and set appointments as appropriate. They are also generally responsible for keeping records of their customer contact so they can interface with the salespeople. In some cases, they may act as the customer’s salesperson if the customer declines to visit the store.

Keyword Search Terms: BDC Representative, Internet Salesperson, Automotive Customer Service Representative

6. Professional (RV, Vehicle, Boat, etc.) Salesperson

National Average Salary: $84,823 per year

Job Description: Professional Vehicle Salespeople assist customers in the process of purchasing or leasing a car, truck, RV, boat, etc. These individuals are responsible for assisting customers by expertly listening to their needs, wants and concerns so as to assist them in the most relevant ways possible. These salespeople must possess a strong knowledge of important details about the make(s) and models they represent at their dealership in order to answer customer questions with confidence. Car, truck and RV salespeople will also take customers on test drives and must possess the skills to overcome customers’ concerns and objections.

PRO TIP: If you are looking to fast-track your career as a professional salesperson, consider investing in a proven training program that teaches you how to build your own book of businesses within your dealership so you have the option to work by appointment only.

Keyword Search Terms: (Automotive, RV or Marine Sports) Sales Consultant, (Automotive, RV or Marine Sports) Sales Associate

7. Corporate Representatives

Average National Salary: $128,895

Job Description: Corporate representatives work in the automotive industry, but not necessarily in dealerships. Rather, they are vendors (lending institutions, aftermarket accessory companies, software companies, etc.) who need individuals familiar with dealership operations and processes to cultivate new business and service existing customers. These individuals increase their company’s business by identifying, onboarding, and managing growth with new and existing dealer clients in their respective territories. Many of these jobs pay a base salary plus commission, so there is good opportunity to earn a high income for go-getters!

Keyword Search Terms: Automotive Territory Manager, Automotive Area Sales Manager

High Paying Automotive Management Jobs: Sales Managers, Finance Managers and Beyond!

Last but certainly not least, let’s look at some high-paying management positions that are available even to those making a career change into automotive. We’ll show you how you can make that happen – and how quickly you can make it happen!

8. Automotive Sales Managers

National average salary: $128,500 per year

Job description: A Sales Manager is responsible for managing an entire sales team. They also keep track of the inventory and react to market movements, as well as the dealership’s entire sales department’s advertising budgets. They are responsible for helping salespeople meet and exceed sales goals, and making forecasts for their department.
Furthermore, the facility’s general sales manager (Average National Salary: $143,992) is also in charge of ensuring that the F&I director properly manages the company’s cash flow. In an automobile dealership, the job of a sales manager is quite demanding, therefore they need all of the skills required to succeed.

Keyword Search Terms: Automotive Sales Manager, Used Car Sales Manager

9. Automotive Finance (F&I) Manager

National Average Salary: $126,499

Job Description: The Automotive Finance Manager works closely with the sales team and recommends financing options to customers who’ve selected a vehicle. In other words, customers who finances a vehicle lease or purchase will go to the Finance Manager’s office, where they will be presented with the best financing options the dealership has to offer. Furthermore, Finance Managers will present customers with additional product offerings to enhance their vehicle and ownership experience such as anti-theft devices, vehicle servicing packages, insurance products, etc.

These individuals need to possess a strong understanding of lending guidelines, interpreting credit reports, structuring deals for maximum profit and customer happiness, all while staying in compliance with relevant state and federal regulations. They also need to possess strong interpersonal and sales skills to help customers choose the best options for their vehicles.

Keyword Search Terms: Automotive Finance Manager, Automotive F&I Manager

Fast-Tracking your career to get a high paying automotive job quickly – Even without prior automotive experience!

If you’re considering moving into a high-paying automotive job, whether you have industry experience or if you’re making a career change, there are certification programs available to speed the process along for you. Some are even offered online, on demand! Let’s take a look at some of the options that can best prepare you for the kind of career you seek.

If you like working with your hands or if you enjoy being in a more mechanically-involved environment, consider repair or service career options discussed in this article. For mechanical repair techs and auto body repair techs, many community colleges offer programs that teach students how to become certified in these areas. There are also other schools like the Universal Technical Institute and i-Car that offer programs for these types of jobs. Maintaining a current certification in your area of focus can set you apart and help you get the job before someone else!

If you enjoy working directly with customers, consider one of the automotive sales jobs listed above. To fast-track your career in one of these positions or to significantly augment your earning potential, consider a vocational program designed specifically for that purpose. The Sales and Management Certification program at the College of Automotive Management (CAM) is ideal for those looking to excel in a dealership BDC, Internet department or sales floor. This program can help graduates develop a plan to build their own book of business at their dealership, enjoy higher closing ratios and make more money on each transaction.

Those looking to work as a corporate rep would benefit greatly from a program like CAM’s Complete Automotive Management and Lending Program, as it details out highly effective processes across the sales and finance departments. This helps corporate representatives “talk the talk” and understand what needs to happen all throughout the sales cycle so they can best support their dealerships and help grow their territories.

Finally, if you enjoy leading and mentoring others, consider a career in some aspect of automotive management. Again, the certification programs offered by the College of Automotive Management are some of the top-rated online programs in the nation for these kinds of positions, and with over 10,000 graduates since their inception in 1992, they know a thing or two about these jobs…and how to train for success in them!

Both Automotive Sales Managers and Automotive Finance Managers can benefit from CAM’s Dual-Certification Complete Automotive Management and Lending Program. This program contains certifications across Sales and Finance Management, preparing graduates for more growth opportunities and future advancement. It is delivered entirely online, on demand, and can be completed in approximately 40-45 hours. Those with extensive dealership experience looking to get into F&I may elect a singular certification with CAM’s Complete F&I and Lending Program. This program is also delivered online, on demand, and can be completed in approximately 25-30 hours.

Graduates of these programs who pay for their own training may also be eligible for CAM’s extensive Career Placement Assistance Services. You can read more about that HERE.

Regardless of which career path is right for you, the auto, RV and marine industries offer exciting jobs with many opportunities for advancement and high pay. We hope this article has opened your eyes to some options you may not have previously considered! If you enjoyed what you learned here, please share with others who may benefit from it too!