FiQore Launches FiQore Academy Powered by the College of Automotive Management

FiQore Launches FiQore Academy Powered by the College of Automotive Management

The College of Automotive Management (CAM) is proud to announce that FiQore has selected CAM to provide automotive career training to their valued employees, agents and dealer clients.  FiQore is a leader in automotive finance, finance products, income development, and emerging automotive technology.“We prefer working with individuals trained by the College of Automotive Management,” says Jesse James, Chief Revenue Officer at FiQore. “That’s why we’ve committed to ensuring all of our loan underwriters and income development agents receive CAM training and certification as part of our commitment to continuous skill development at FiQore.  We’ve also added the College of Automotive Management career training programs to our product offerings for dealers via our state of the art online FiQore Academy.  With the exceptional online career training resources provided by CAM, FiQore will increase our agents’ income potential as our agents are providing an even greater level of value and service to our dealers.”

A Win/Win Partnership

FiQore has a long history of providing traditional F&I outsourcing services to the auto and RV industries. As the company expanded and evolved, the leadership team, along with Founder and CEO Jeff Rubino, saw a growing need to innovate. Their goal as a team was to find and provide new technology solutions that can revolutionize the industry and solve some of its most pressing customer-experience pitfalls.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a growing need for a new type of financing experience — one that benefits every side of the marketplace,” said Jeff Rubino, CEO of FiQore.

“We provide technology and talent that re-imagines the buying and financing experience so that it accomplishes four main objectives: 1) it’s streamlined and painless for consumers;  2) it generates more revenue for dealers; 3) it brings new business to insurers, and 4) it creates efficiency and compliance for lenders.

In other words, said Jeff, our goal is to provide the absolute best F&I experience for all parties involved in the complex and highly-regulated world of consumer finance.

Adding the college-level online F&I and Compliance training provided by the College of Automotive Management is not only consistent with FiQore’s goals, but provides an ideal vehicle through which to achieve them.

“I’m so impressed with the team at FiQore,” said Eric Andersen, President of College of Automotive Management. “We’ve worked with numerous F&I agencies and this team is super responsive. They have excellent support structures in place for their team members, and they work hard for their dealers.  They are smart, cutting edge, and I’m certain they will win many more accounts in 2021. They deserve it – they work hard to earn it. We are proud to refer our graduates to FiQore & FiQore Academy for above average income and far-reaching career opportunities in the automotive/RV and lending space.  They embody ethics, character, and the principles that make for long lasting success and relationships. I can’t recommend them enough, and we are so proud to be a part of what they are doing to improve the automotive retail experience.”

More about the College of Automotive Management

The College of Automotive Management was established in 1992 and has a proven track record of success. In fact, it is the world’s premier Automotive Management and Lending School. The College provides a unique brand of “Automotive Career Training” (ACT) that focuses on three primary principles:

  1.     Ethics
  2.     Loving customers
  3.     Mastering compliant processes

Since its brick-and-mortar inception, the founders have converted all of the original content to be web-based. Today, it is the only 100% ONLINE automotive vocational career training school offering a number of additional benefits to students. Firstly, CAM’s courses are self-paced and can be accessed anytime from any device anywhere in the world. Therefore, they are ideal for people who work full-time and need complete flexibility. Moreover, their training comes with one year of coaching so students have full access to positive support and accountability. Finally, the College offers proprietary sales and F&I processes that have proven repeatedly to be highly effective and successful.

Highly-Rated Courses With Real-World Examples

With over 5,000 completed online courses since 2017, their online programs are now the highest-rated in the automotive industry. Detailed job descriptions and process training categories include:

  •       Phone lead handling and management
  •       Internet form lead handling and management
  •       Sales process mastery (without discounting prices) and management
  •       Leasing department management and renewal strategies
  •       Hybrid F&I strategies
  •       F&I administration (cash flow management)
  •       Lending relationship management
  •       Special Finance department management
  •       Fast, compliant desking, deal structuring and negotiating
  •       Advanced loan underwriting
  •       Team leadership
  •       Service advisor sales career education

For more information or to contact the College of Automotive Management visit

More about FiQore

FiQore is the only technology company in the U.S. that offers F&I solutions that benefit every single stakeholder in the financing transaction, with a strong appetite to transform the buying experience altogether.

Here’s how they do it:

FiQore’s impact on CONSUMERS: The length of time it takes to complete F&I paperwork when buying a car or RV is the #1 frustration for buyers. FiQore’s technology streamlines the F&I process so consumers can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time enjoying their new purchase!

FiQore’s impact on DEALERS: FiQore helps dealers sell more cars with little to no effort or investment upfront. As soon as a dealer becomes part of the FiQore family, they have access to the technology, talent and lending platform, which opens up a whole new revenue stream for their business.

FiQore’s impact on LENDERS: Lenders and banks spend over $1billion each year to review credit applications, yet close less than 20% of those loans. FiQore’s Loan Aggregation and Efficiency Platform, (L.E.A.P.), scrubs and delivers clean and compliant applications so lenders can reduce their cost per application and improve compliance.

FiQore’s impact on INSURANCE ADMINISTRATORS: FiQore also offers various products to help consumers protect their investment, like service contracts and GAP insurance. The digital F&I menu integrated with L.E.A.P. helps educate the customer about available products in a low-pressure way. This approach increases sales, improves customer satisfaction and reduces policy cancellation rates, which is very important for insurance administrators.

“FiQore is relentlessly pursuing ways to connect and benefit every party of the financing transaction,” said Tami Rubino, COO. “Our job isn’t done until our dealers make more money, our insurance providers get paid, our lenders secure great loans and our buyers have a painless, one-of-a-kind financing experience they can’t stop talking about.”

For more information or to contact FiQore, visit

To learn more about why employers prefer to hire CAM grads, CLICK HERE.

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