Our Big Summer Sale: June 1st – 15th

Our Big Summer Sale: June 1st – 15th

Maximize your summer and your future, starting on June 1st.

CAM College is thrilled to announce our biggest sale of the year. This spectacular deal will allow you to train over the summer while boosting your current income. The vast majority of our students experience an enormous increase in their sales and work performance while completing CAM’s coursework—all while studying remotely at home, according to their own schedules!

There’s no greater time than now to earn your coveted diploma from the College of Automotive Management.

This incredible opportunity applies to our most robust and comprehensive online training program: The Complete Automotive Management & Lending Program (online learning, On Demand).

Read on to learn more about this program and how one decision could change your life forever.

Course Objectives

Our impressive students graduate from the Complete Automotive Management & Lending Program with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Learn to identify the 13 most common F&I profit leaks at any dealership and implement proven solutions.
  • Proprietary F&I Process designed to handle ANY F&I situation like a pro, including: Customers in a Hurry, Cash Paying Customers, and Short-Term Lease Customers.
  • An F&I Process that ensures 100% VERIFIED Sales and F&I Department CSI before customers leave the dealership.
  • An F&I Process that ensures all administrative details are complete before the customer leaves to reduce contracts in transit (CIT’s) and costly rewrites (including loan underwriting, stipulation reviews, insurance/income/residence verifications, and required federal disclosures).
  • Pricing policies that are compliant and designed to achieve 50% or higher penetration on all F&I products to eligible customers and to avoid unfair business practices.
  • Interactive “Role Play” events and video presentation reviews to develop your new skills.
  • How and why to address Credit Application, Credit Bureau, and Loan Underwriting Abnormalities.
  • Contracts in Transit (CIT) Management.
  • Loan Underwriting and Lending Guideline Interpretation for A/B Paper.
  • Credit Bureau Analysis and Interpretation by Lenders.
  • Common DMV Forms and Federal Disclosure Documents.
  • Various Interest Rate and Rate Participation Calculation Methods Used by Lenders.
  • Loan Packaging for Fast Funding.
  • Lender Selection, Relations and F&I Director Skill Development.
  • Advanced Subprime Lender Guideline Interpretation Skills—Choose the Best Lender for Every Situation.
  • The Reverse Sales Process: Lining Up Customers for the Right Vehicles From the Start.
  • Establish a Documented “Culture of Compliance, Testing and Adherence” to Federal Laws and Regulations with Permanent Digital Files for all Employees.
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct Signed and Digitally Stored for Every Employee Confirming Understanding and Willingness to Comply.
  • Testing Records to Prove 100% Understanding, and Certification for Completion.
  • Support a Culture of Compliance and Ethics that Employees are Proud to be a Part of and Attract Employees of Character to Your Organization.
  • Graduates of this course earn certification in Federal Compliance and Ethics Certification

Plus much more.

The Coursework

Auto dealers nationwide respect the coveted diploma earned at the College of Automotive Management.

This Complete Automotive Management & Lending Program bundle includes the following 8 courses:

  • F&I Products and Professional F&I Selling Process & Disclosures (normally $1,495)
  • Loan Underwriting and F&I Administration (normally $1,495)
  • Leasing Structures, Presentations & Disclosures (normally $1,495)
  • Subprime (Special Finance) Structures, Presentations & Disclosures (normally $1,495)
  • Professional Selling, 365 Day Plan, Lead Management & Phone Training (normally $1,495)
  • Sales Manager Desking, Presentations and Negotiations (normally $1,495)
  • Leadership in Sales & Management (normally $1,495)
  • Federal Compliance and Ethics Certification (normally $1,495)

After You Graduate

With our coveted diploma in hand, you’ll be more than ready to take on the industry and fast-track your success in these lucrative careers:

Finance/F&I Manager ________ Sales Manager

Finance Director ________ Internet Manager

Loan Underwriter ________ General Sales Manager

Desk Manager ________ Special Finance Manager

Fleet Manager ________ Corporate Representative

Advance Your Career Now

It’s been a tough year for all of us; we’re here to help you move forward and into the career you’ve always dreamed of.

June 1st – June 15th

We will take an EXTRA $500 off the Complete Automotive Management and Lending Bundle, regularly priced at $3,493 ($2,993 on fast-track full pay option).

This extra $500 off only applies to the Fast-Track Full Pay Option (which already comes with a $500 discount off the regular price of $3,493).

Through this offer, you can purchase Fast-Tack tuition to this program for $1,000 off the regular price. If this is not a viable option, you can take advantage of our interest free financing, which gives you all this training for only 14 monthly payments of $249.50.

We Are the Industry’s Highest-rated Automotive Program

Most students complete our program courses in as little as 10-15 weeks, often while working full time. In addition to this curriculum, you will have access to life-changing and invaluable coaching with some of the industry’s leading experts.

We value you and want to help you succeed. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and make summer 20201 YOUR time to shine. Get started with us today and begin your journey towards a rewarding and lucrative career in the automotive industry.