CAM Graduate With No Prior F&I Experience Gets Two F&I Job Offers During COVID-19 Shutdowns

CAM Graduate With No Prior F&I Experience Gets Two F&I Job Offers During COVID-19 Shutdowns

Sometimes it’s necessary to invest in yourself in order to pursue a dream, even in the midst of hurdles like a pandemic. And those who are serious about their goals and dreams are the ones who will do what it takes to get there regardless of what hurdles they have to overcome!One such individual is CAM graduate Christopher Wright, who knew it was going to take an investment of his time and money to reap the benefits he wanted, despite being in the middle of the COVID-19 shutdowns. And his decision to invest in a mid-COVID education with the College of Automotive Management paid off!After several years of working in automotive sales, Christopher decided it was time to pursue his dream of becoming an automotive Finance Manager.
Originally from Seattle, he had been living and working in Atlanta and wanted to move back home. He figured that could be an ideal time to make the move from automotive sales to F&I as well. So he began searching for a Finance Manager training program that would fully prepare him for the job.Then, the COVID-19 pandemic erupted and people all over the country wondered how that would impact their jobs. But that didn’t get in Christopher’s way – he was a man on a mission!

CAM’s Courses Stood Out Above the Rest

Graduate Quote: They were very impressed that I went to the College of Automotive Management.Christopher did his research and evaluated several different Finance Manager Training courses. He wisely decided that CAM’s F&I Program coupled with our top-rated Compliance Certification would give him all the job knowledge he needed to be the #1 Finance Manager anywhere he worked.

He also liked that CAM offered lifetime career assistance, especially in light of the pandemic’s potential impact on the automotive job market.

So in late May of 2020, Christopher started CAM’s online self-paced F&I and Legal Compliance training courses. He poured himself into his college-level education and loved the great information he learned.

“I would rate this course as Excellent,” said Christopher. “The reason I rated it so high is due to the extensive amount of content that the College of Automotive Management included in this course. Almost everybody, including a veteran Finance Manager, will still find something to learn. Since I paid for this myself, it really made me see how many years ago I should’ve taken the course because I probably would’ve made more money. I would highly recommend that any dealership has their finance managers take this course.”

Christopher was also thrilled that he chose to add the legal Compliance and Ethics Certification course to his F&I Training.

“This legal compliance training has done wonders for me,” he said. “The value of this training has been immeasurable. It has made me more valuable to my employer due to me being able to carry out the F and I sales process legally from the initial contact with the customer. It also is valuable to the dealership’s customers because they will know they are buying a car from a reputable dealership and that the dealer will be in compliance with state and federal regulations. It has made me more confident in myself because I know that I am taking care of these customers without worrying about having legal repercussions. Building rapport with the dealership’s customers is vital for all parties involved in the sale. Building rapport will build trust in the dealership ensure the store makes more profit on the deal and likely increase the chances of future business in not only the sales department but also parts and service. It will also increase the chances of the satisfied customer sending the dealership referrals for future sales. If the customer is satisfied with the dealership due to the dealer practices compliance and ethics, you are avoiding future legal disputes and possible chargebacks and things of that nature.”

Finance Manager Training Graduate Christopher Wright with his diplomaWhile Christopher worked on his courses, he moved from Atlanta to Washington and began applying for Finance Manager positions. Even though he had no prior F&I experience, two different dealerships offered him full-time Finance Manager positions!

“They were very impressed that I went to the College of Automotive Management,” said Christopher. “Finance school was definitely worth it!”

Just six weeks after beginning his training courses with CAM, Christopher accepted a position as a full-time Finance Manager for Infiniti of Bellevue. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do, thanks to his hard work, professionalism, and his education through CAM.

Christopher’s decision to invest in himself changed his life. He realized his dream of becoming a professional automotive Finance Manager in his hometown. And he did it in the middle of a pandemic!

We are so proud of you, Christopher! We are excited to watch doors continue to open for you because you made the decision to invest in yourself and achieve your dreams! And as an elite CAM Alumnus, we look forward to walking with you throughout your entire career!

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