Meet our awesome team of instructors and educators.

Eric Andersen

President, College of Automotive Management

Mr. Andersen serves as host of the online Automotive Career Training (ACT) Program. As host of the virtual classroom, Mr. Andersen teaches dealership employees the personal and financial benefits of choosing to unconditionally love others and how to practically apply the principle of unconditional love along with industry best-practices provided by guest trainers to the sales, desking and F&I processes. Prior to 2001, Mr. Andersen spent 7 years in automotive retail sales and management (including F&I Management, F&I Director and GSM), and 9 years with The Lloyd Andersen Group of Companies, Inc., parent of the College. As EVP of Sales and Marketing for LAGC, Mr. Andersen recruited, trained and managed a sales team providing subprime and A paper financing, F&I products, loan underwriting software, and manned locations for special finance departments to automotive dealerships throughout California. For LAGC, Mr. Andersen also served as President of Dynamic Sales Careers, a talent acquisition and recruiting firm serving the automotive industry.

Bill Hanyak

President of The Lloyd Andersen Group of Companies, Inc.

Mr. Hanyak has been providing F&I products and service to automotive dealers for more than 25 years. Mr. Hanyak has business relationships with literally dozens of F&I product companies, administrators and insurance companies and is an F&I product expert. Mr. Hanyak’s contribution to the Automotive Career Training curriculum includes F&I product features and benefits training, common F&I product objections and objection handling techniques and F&I product comparisons in the virtual classroom. The Lloyd Andersen Group of Companies does business with dealers throughout the United States and also owns, Dynamic Sales Careers, Inc., an automotive recruitment and placement firm.

Sarah Armstrong

Director of Career Coaching & Personal Development Services

As the Director of Career Coaching & Personal Development Services at the College, Ms. Armstrong is responsible for ensuring every student is provided with personal encouragement, positive affirmation and recognition for their achievements. Ms. Armstrong is a “lover of people” with a true servant’s heart, and is passionate about helping others reach their goals and become all they can with their God-given potential. Career coaches monitor all student training activity, and respond to all comments or questions made by students within the learning management system. Sales management at the dealership can rely on career coaches to help them as their “assistant coach” to build up their teams to greater productivity through consistent training, positive encouragement and skill development.

Jim Radogna

Director of Compliance, College of Automotive Management

Jim Radogna is the Director of Compliance for the College of Automotive Management. Jim keeps the compliance and ethics curriculum at the College up to date and relevant for all online students. Before joining the College, Jim was the Founder and President of Dealer Compliance Consultants, Inc., a national automotive compliance resources and training firm. Jim also brings several years of successful retail management experience to the classroom having spent over 15 years in senior management positions, including general manager and compliance officer. Jim is a sought-after speaker and frequent contributor to several automotive industry publications including Dealer Magazine, WardsAuto, Auto Dealer Monthly, DrivingSales Dealership Innovation Guide, AutoSuccess, and F&I Magazine.

Kevin Smith

VP of Business Development, College of Automotive Management

Kevin began his automotive career in 1985 as a sales consultant in a Porsche-Audi store and moved rapidly up the ranks to ultimately become a highly successful general manager and dealership turnaround specialist. In his quest for lifelong learning, he enrolled in the College of Automotive Management and completed the Automotive Career Training Curriculum. Kevin soon realized that he not only shares the core values espoused by the College, but could utilize those values along with his 30-plus years of in-dealership experience to help many more dealers and automotive professionals achieve their goals.

Janice Eckert

Enrollment Counselor, College of Automotive Management

Janice joined the College of Automotive Management with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and advertising in the RV and automotive industries. She is also a graduate of the College, providing her with first-class knowledge of the curriculum, coaching and valuable training provided by the College. As an Enrollment Counselor, she is uniquely qualified to assist prospective students in determining the training that will best accomplish each student’s specific career goals, due to being a graduate of the College and her experience in the automotive industry.

Alan Ram

President and Founder of Proactive Training Solutions

Alan Ram is a content contributor and guest lecturer on the topics of phone training and video email response strategies in the Automotive Career Training program. Alan is an industry expert recognized for his skills to increase individual productivity through effective utilization of the telephone, internet and client base management. Alan has provided training solutions for thousands of dealerships as well as several major automotive manufacturers. Alan is a highly sought-after lecturer at automotive industry conventions and his workshop “Five Simple Strategies to Sell More Cars Now” was the #1 attended workshop at the 2012 National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) Convention. Alan is also a two-time guest trainer at the NADA “Greatest Training Day Ever” event.

Chip King

Owner and Managing Partner of CallRevu

Chip King is a content contributor and guest lecturer on the topics of lead management and phone process monitoring in the Automotive Career Training program. Chip spent his career in automotive retailing from 1977 to 2008. Holding every position in variable operations, including General Manager and Dealer Principal, Mr. King has had a special focus on the “customer experience” throughout. Mr. King is a highly sought after subject matter expert for many of the auto industry’s biggest and best dealer conferences. Currently more than 350 dealers utilize Chip’s solutions and best practices for managing inbound sales calls and emails, including the Penske Automotive Group. He is passionate about sharing his expertise with dealers and managers on how to correct the top profit leaks in the auto dealership phone process.

Michael Whitty

Founder and CEO of the Michael Learning Group

Michael Whitty is a content contributor on the topic of Professional Sales including the College’s 365 day business plan to help salespeople build their own book of business within the dealership’s business. Michael is a national walk around champion, accomplished professional salesperson, published author, speaker, trainer, and consultant to the automotive industry. Michael is a frequent contributor to major industry publications including “California Showroom Today” and has been an invited guest speaker at conventions such as the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). Mike has also provided sales training consultation to dozens of manufacturers and dealer associations.

David Krier

Co-founder and President of Guest Concepts

David Krier is a content contributor and guest lecturer on the topics of desking, leasing, and lease renewal (customer loyalty) programs in the automotive career training program. Mr. Krier, a technology and leasing expert, previously served as President and designer of the customer retention system for the acclaimed “half a car” lease training program for Ford Motor Company used in over 1000 dealerships nationwide. Mr. Krier more recently co-developed the industry’s fastest, and most profitable desking strategies and software (Guest Concepts) which is currently being utilized by more than 500 dealerships Nationwide including Galpin Motors, the #1 Volume Ford dealer in the World.

Ron Martin

CEO and Founder of Vision Menu

Ron Martin is a content contributor and guest lecturer on the topics of F&I, F&I menus, F&I sales process objection handling and F&I reporting technology. Ron’s technology tools are used by hundreds of dealers Nationwide and he has worked with the College to develop unique menu solutions for cash customers and web based monitoring and reporting tools for dealer clients of the College. These new resources by design are an industry first and help F&I Directors and Managers maximize F&I product penetration and income. Mr. Martin is a published author, frequent guest speaker at F&I Conventions, distinguished F&I trainer, and a pioneer and authority on menu selling systems and methods.

Kim Khovananth

2003 CAM graduate

Kim Khovananth assists the College with curriculum development in addition to enjoying extraordinary success in her automotive career. Kim is a top producer every where she works consistently maintaining profit per unit averages in F&I between $1,500 and $2,500 per sale by focusing on customer needs, consistent product pricing, and complete and accurate disclosures while verifying her customers are happy and fully understand every aspect of their purchase. Kim recently worked with the College to demonstrate the College’s proprietary F&I process in professional F&I ‘role play’ training presentations for the three most difficult customer situations; customers in a hurry, cash customers, and short term lease customers, for our automotive career training students in the virtual classroom.

Ron Haigler

Leasing Structures and Subprime Loan Underwriting

Mr. Haigler graduated from the College of Automotive Management in 1998 and served as the Director of Education at the College for 15 years. During his time at the College, Ron has helped train over 5000 industry professionals. He is a guest lecturer on the topics of lease and special finance loan underwriting and deal structure in the virtual classroom. Mr. Haigler brings several years of successful retail management experience to the classroom and his simple, step-by-step teaching methods are highly rated by our student body. Mr. Haigler is a retired Marine and mentor to many graduates of the College as they pursue their career goals.