How The College Of Automotive Management’s Career Assistance Program Can Help Graduates Secure A Six-Figure Career

How The College Of Automotive Management’s Career Assistance Program Can Help Graduates Secure A Six-Figure Career

The College of Automotive Management is a place where dreams come true every day.

We provide our students with the necessary tools, skills, and connections to excel in the Automotive Management industry. A coveted diploma from the College of Automotive Management is a ticket into one of the most promising and rewarding industries—even if you come to us with zero experience. You can do this from the convenience and comfort of your home with our self-paced online training. We also have beautiful classrooms nationwide if you prefer an in-person approach, including a facility in Dallas, TX.

Our programs will open doors you didn’t know existed.

Why Automotive Management?

The Automotive Sales Manager’s salary in the United States falls just shy of $120,000, with a typical range of $99,000 and $138,000. Certified and well-educated individuals enjoy the top-end of this range. Finance and Insurance Managers average at $130,000 per year.

Our graduates meet—and exceed—the requirements needed for the top-range of these six-figure paychecks. Employers not only respect our graduates, but actively seek them out. Read Jesse’s success story for a real-world and life-changing account. Even if you’re already in the industry, our certificates and training will propel you towards that big promotion.

Why College of Automotive Management?

We are the industry’s highest-rated automotive program.

Our curriculum and connections set us apart from the competition; the lessons and knowledge gained by our students translate into tangible profits every day. But our investment in your future doesn’t stop there.

Landing a career opportunity is often a balancing act of what you know and who you know. We pair our students with industry-leading career coaches, who connect them directly with local job opportunities. You won’t be entering the industry alone; you will have a vast network and support system at your back. Our goal is to provide you with unconditional support and care so you can become the greatest version of yourself.

CAM’s career-assistance services are unparalleled and designed to take you from prospective student to valued employee. We link our alumni to private job boards filled with F&I, Sales Manager, Special Finance, and Internet Director positions throughout the country. Students are welcomed into a vast network of alumni, referral partners, and employers who have successfully hired CAM graduates in the past. We focus on nurturing our relationships with auto dealerships and aftermarket companies, and we introduce them to our graduates with confidence and pride.

Career and placement assistance also includes:

  • Resume templates that feature your newly developed skills.
  • Recommendations to potential employers in your area.
  • Referrals to College Affiliates and Friends in the industry, as well as hundreds of dealerships who have successfully hired College of Automotive graduates in the past. We’ve built long-lasting, meaningful relationships with auto dealerships—and we love connecting our students with them!
  • Referrals to online job boards and resume posting services that reflect current opportunities and industry trends.
  • Interview role play, including coaching on how to overcome common objections to first-time management applicants.

You won’t find a more dedicated or greater network for career placement and support.

Where do You See Yourself in Five Years?

It’s a timeless interview question, and one you should ask yourself right now. Where do you want to be in five years? How would a rewarding career as an Automotive Manager improve your life and confidence?

How would a six-figure income change your life?

Make this your five-year moment! Get started with us today and begin your journey towards a rewarding career in automotive management.