Diamondlot Selects College of Automotive Management as Exclusive Training Partner for Their Auto Dealer Clients

DiamondLot has chosen the College of Automotive Management as their exclusive training partner for their automotive dealer clients. The two companies are working together to bring DiamondLot dealers a stronger culture of compliance, ethics and higher profits.

“Rick Wolverton and his team share our passion to provide automotive salespeople and managers with the tools they need to thrive in the car business. We agree that the most powerful tools automotive professionals can use to improve their sales while accomplishing the dealer’s objectives of 100% CSI and higher profits is the principle of unconditional love and the knowledge of how to apply that commitment to the entire sales, desking and F&I process”, reports Lloyd Andersen, CEO of the College of Automotive Management, and Chairman of the Lloyd Andersen Group of Companies, Inc., parent company of the College.

“We have seen the results of the training provided by the College. Employees are happy to participate, consistently make more money, and are thanking their employers for providing this unique form of automotive sales and management education. The leads we provide to our dealers, and the leads they obtain from all other vendors become much more valuable when combined with training provided by the College. After more than 40 years in the car business we’ve never seen anything like it and the car business is ready for the positive change this program brings to a dealership.” says Rick Wolverton of DiamondLot.

“We are proud to be associated with Rick and the DiamondLot Team. They are good people that really care about the employees in their dealership client accounts. This business is all about the people in it”, says Andersen.

The College of Automotive Management’s online training program, Automotive Career Training (ACT), is the automotive industry’s first and only web-based interactive training tool that provides each employee with a personal business coach to help them set and achieve personal career goals at the dealership and a personal skills trainer to provide one-on-one live skills training as needed. In addition to timeless principles and values, the College provides dealership employees with dozens of examples of best practices and skills training for handling email leads, phone calls, and common customer objections. Skills training provided by the College also includes solutions for faster desking methods that produce higher profits and proprietary F&I sales processes that are helping dealers sell more F&I products with full disclosures and 100% verified CSI before delivery. In addition, the training includes leasing, special finance, leadership, and compliance/ethics.

“DiamondLot dealerships are obviously serious about their online presence. Those dealers want the additional profits that come with a 5-star reputation delivered by 5-star employees. We are glad that Rick and his team recognize that the leads provided by DiamondLot to their dealers will convert at higher percentages for more profit with our lead management training and coaching support. We are committed to helping their dealers achieve an even greater ROI on every ad dollar they spend.” adds Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management.

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DiamondLot is a premier lot service and inventory management solution – servicing car dealerships in more than 20 states. DiamondLot takes high quality photos of new and used car inventory, provides creative custom backdrops, window stickers, buyers guides, and full-motion walk around videos. DiamondLot was the first lot service company to promote cars using full motion video on Google, YouTube, AutoTrader, and other websites to help dealers generate more leads from their inventory online. Website: www.Diamondlot.com