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Course Benefits & Learning Objectives

Professional Salesperson Training that Works in Any Dealership, Anywhere

To date, 100% of all graduates, including GM’s, GSM’s, Finance Directors, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Closers and Salespeople agree with our unique sales approach built upon the principle of loving others as presented by the College.

Profits Increase Dramatically when Salespeople Learn how to Develop Personal Relationships with Customers

“Our team of 11 salespeople increased their profits per unit by $90,068, and added $53,038 of additional profits from additional sales ($143,306 total profit increase) in the first 90 days by focusing on developing even stronger personal relationships and friendships with our customers. Our CRM was loaded with more personal information about our customers than all 6 of the other stores in our group combined during the last 30 days”


Mike Aziz, General Manager

Sales Departments Committed to Ethics and Integrity Produce and Attract Salespeople with Stronger Character!

“In the first two months since implementing ACT, our auto sales and gross profits have increased immensely!!! We are total believers in the College’s relationship selling training and our employees are very happy to be working in an environment that is 100% committed to ethics and integrity in all our customer transactions.  We will continue to attract and retain the top talent on the Islands to work for our company.”


Alan Uyeoka, General Manager

Sales Management is Easier when Everyone Trains as a Team

“This has made our job as sales managers a whole lot easier and everyone is seeing their own progress each week.  I realize customers are continually comparing other dealers to ours, and we must stand out as exceptional if we are to win their trust.”


Lionel Sandoval and Kevin Burns, Sales Managers

“I am the GM and my opinion of the professional sales course is that it offered a lot of useful information, so useful I played some of the course videos in my group training class that I hold daily and used it as my lesson of the day. I am glad I have these resources available to me.”


Andrew Bergstrom, General Manager

Everyone Agrees They Make More Money with the Processes Recommended by the College!

Dealership employees all agree the Unique Sales Processes taught by the College of Automotive Management help them…


–        Increase sales quickly (higher closing ratios because people are more willing to buy from people they like and trust),

–        Receive referrals immediately (all customers leave happy), and

–        Achieve higher profits per sale consistently (customers don’t mind paying a little more to be treated well by people they like).


As employees learn to focus on loving your guests in practical and unselfish ways they will increase their income, have less stress and be happier at work.

Elevate your Thinking to Increase your income

“I am a Sales Manager. I like the prospective impact of what ‘Loving the customer’ vs. ‘what it’s going to take to make the sale mentality’. I believe it will promote a more positive experience for both the customer and the salesperson. It is a very wise decision of our employer to provide these ways to differentiate our dealership.”


Daniel Menasian, Sales Manager

Examples of Personal Success

CAM 1st Web student graduate – January, 2012:


“I was an experienced salesperson earning $4 – $5K and ranking #2 or #3 on the sales board each month. I know how to sell cars. After graduating from Automotive Career Training, I finally learned how to really connect with my customers and achieved the following in my first month after graduation:


  • Number 1 in Sales (Top Units) – before implementing the follow up procedure
  • Number 1 gross ($59,000 in one month) – from existing traffic
  • $13,000 in commissions (tripled my income)


Derek Spady, Professional Salesperson


“It has opened my eyes in so many ways. It has shown me how to listen more to the customer and build more relationships. Last month, I tested it and built better relationships with the skills I learned and through that, I am excited to say I sold more units and more gross since starting in the car business 6 years ago. I know it will help me, strengthen my career, and do great things for this company. After the first six hours of online training, I commented that I plan on making 5 times what I normally make now… which is over $100,000 per year. Then, in my first two months after starting the training, I’ve already earned more than $55,000 in sales commissions. Needless to say, I am very grateful to my employer for providing me with such a valuable, life-changing resource.”


Lorenzo France, Top Producing Salesperson


I increased my profit per car average $856 per unit.  I have always been told to bond with the customer and find common ground, but what this course is saying is go beyond that and really find out about the customer…to help build a relationship that will last. Also what I have learned is it is important to always be truthful and always do what is right for everyone.”


Jerry Hall, Professional Salesperson

“Since starting training at the College my profit per car increased by $607 per sale on average Feb-July, 2014 (6mo average), over my prior 90 day baseline average. I sold 17 cars in May alone, 4.5 more than my 90 day baseline average.  The course explained price isn’t why people always buy from you. That is true. I have learned “how” to better show my respect and put myself into their shoes to treat them the way I would like to be treated if I were buying.”


Justin Carlton, Professional Internet Salesperson

My average profit per car increased by $876 in February and March over my prior 90 day baseline average of $2548. In 4 of the last 6 months I also maintained an additional 7 units higher than my prior baseline and achieved top salesperson 3 months in a row.  Great Info! The Training is Excellent! I will implement the love your customer thing to be more approachable on the car lot. If a customer has a bad attitude or is rude I will overcome that with kindness.”


Carlo Pocino, Professional Salesperson

Phone Training and Lead Management Training – Increase ROI!

The professional sales training course includes phone training and lead management training to help the dealership convert leads to sales more often and improve their return on investment on all ad dollars spent.


Here’s what our students had to say about our Phone Training:

“The phone training course is excellent. It challenges us to stay in control of the conversation with proven word tracks.  This course has helped me find creative ways to create relationships over the phone and to get the customers information in different manner then we are all taught in the car business.”


Tom Dunlap, Internet Specialist

“The Phone training course was excellent; it provided great training, with phone scripts that help walk you through what questions to ask the customer to make you stand out from others.”


Jerry Hall, Professional Salesperson

“Phone training was excellent and was not taught in the manufactures training courses.”


Abdi Ebrahimi, Professional Salesperson

“Excellent! Very thorough and a 10/10! This phone training program has been the best, most invaluable training I have ever received in the automotive industry. Thank you to my employer for providing this!”


Jonathan Kaaihue, Professional Salesperson

Sales Process Training Focuses on Relationship Building!

Employees also learn creative ways to greet customers and create a positive first impression.  Sales process training includes methods for engaging in positive conversation focused on the customer and their needs during the vehicle selection and test drive steps of the dealership’s sales process.  Salespeople learn new skills to develop personal relationships and trust with the customer before the write up.

“Excellent Rating = Excellent Training Content. I would highly recommend to others. The employer would love this course do to the fact that it hits all important points in not only making a sale but on how to conduct yourself in becoming a better person to increase income and profit.”


Sergio Noyola, Professional Salesperson/Closer

Common Questions and Objection Handling

Emphasize relationship while avoiding price discounting!

Employees learn how to respond to common questions and objections like; “We would like to shop around a little more” and “What’s the best price I can get on this one?”  Salespeople learn to respond using relationship based responses customers appreciate vs. offering unauthorized price discounts in an attempt to keep the sales process moving along.  Salespeople also learn why and how offering price discounts costs them profits and reduces their closing ratio when they create expectations in the customer’s mind that are not met by the desk’s first, or last, pencil!

“It showed me a whole new way at approaching my day and life. This course will benefit me in numerous ways… particularly my attitude and income. It already is showing to be fruitful. Not only am I closing more deals but I’m doing it with more finesse. I can see my customers are really happy working with me too. Last month was a record for me with 42 units for the month of August. You can’t put a price on value and knowledge like this.”


Nick DIGirolamo, Top Salesperson

“Excellent. I’ve learned new techniques and processes to grow. What stood out to me the most were the questions I’ve been asking vs. what I should be asking! Getting to know the customer and showing them that I care more about them than just the sale will help me dramatically. I’ve gotten the “may I get your business card” objection many times and I’ve learned from this course how to deal with it IF I can truly say the customer and I are friends.”


Zaid Haroon, Professional Salesperson

Salespeople are provided with a 365 day business plan to bring in their own customers!

Salespeople also learn how to generate their own business.  They learn how to develop relationships and ask for referrals from the sold and unsold customers provided by the dealership.  They learn how to prospect and network to bring in their own customers from outside of the dealership.  Salespeople also learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media tools to invite friends and relatives to the dealership.  And they learn how to keep good records and mine their data base for repeat business including in equity and off lease opportunities.  Over time, salespeople spend less time taking new ups and more time selling referrals and repeat customers – the highest closing ratio and most profitable customers.

“My position is GM. This course, 365 Day Business Plan is crucial as it teaches you to optimize your time and what to do with it to be more effective and efficient with your day. I am grateful that my Owner is providing us with the tools to be successful.”


David Wong, General Manager

“Approximately 60% of my business is now referrals.”


Dave Macias, Professional Salesperson

“All of the business plans are excellent. Getting on twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and Facebook are now essential to really be a professional and stand out as the THE expert in the field and not just another salesperson. The business plan helps me keep busy and logging actions like ups, follow ups, and sales and results so that I can see results and make things better for myself financially. Making relationships with my customers and keeping love and passion in selling keeps me excited and puts my heart in the right place. People can see and feel this and people like to purchase from those that care about them.”


Robert Boyle, Professional Salesperson

“I worked here more than a year and never received a referral.  Since starting Automotive Career Training 90 days ago I’ve increased my phone skills by focusing on loving my customers and treating them well. As a result, they’ve gone to work for ME. My customers have given me 6 referrals that all bought in the last 90 days.”


Andrew Trillo, Professional Salesperson

“It has helped me keep my CSI at a high level, and the referrals have been amazing–before, maybe four a month and now, for sure over eight.”


Lorenzo France, Professional salesperson

Student Ratings


Professional Sales & Phone Training - As of January 31, 2019, 99.94% of the students have rated this course positively and 97.80% would recommend this course to others.