Leasing Structures, Presentations & Disclosures Course

Course Description

  • Leasing Terminologies and Terms for Proper Explanations/Presentations
  • Lease vs. Purchase Presentations and Common Customer FAQ’s
  • Leasing Structures and Loan Underwriting Considerations
  • Lease Disclosure Requirements (Regulation M)

Course Benefits & Learning Objectives

To be a great desk manager, or F&I manager, and to make more deals happen as a salesperson, a thorough knowledge of leasing is crucial at a franchise dealership.

Leasing Helps Ensure Repeat Business!

“As a F&I Manager I have found this portion of the course to be excellent in its overall content, presentation, and information. Gaining a understanding of how to structure a lease, present it, and build value are necessary skills to build, retain, and insure repeat customers.”

Derrick Pettiway, F&I Manager

Leasing Presentations Delivered with Confidence Create More Sales!

“Excellent Rating – Excellent Training Content. I would highly recommend to others and rate the Leasing Structures, Presentations, & Disclosures course as above excellent because this is the only time that in my entire career that I have had someone explains to me, why this figure goes here and why this payment comes out as that! I have never up until this point had anyone explain leasing to me to where it actually makes sense! I am deeply impressed and grateful for this course! It is way above EXCELLENT! This would be a huge benefit for all our desk managers and F&I personnel! I believe leasing in our area is an untouched market and could be a huge money maker for our dealer group! If we could put a lease presentation in front of more people and present it with confidence I think we could gain at least a few deals more a month that we would have missed out on by not putting the option of a lease in front of a qualified customer!”

Dale Mullins, Sales Consultant

Employees Appreciate Employers that Provide Valuable Lease Education

“Excellent. I learned terminology that I wasn’t familiar with before taking this course that will help me sell more, show my professionalism, and gain customer’s trust and loyalty by letting them know I want the best for them (through providing them with various payment options depending on their situation) regardless what payment methods they choose.

I thank my employer for providing me with this course as now I know about various leasing structures, I can prepare leasing disclosures, and I’ve learned about the benefits of leasing and why it is the best option for some customers.”

Yasmene Shaar, Professional Salesperson

Student Ratings


Leasing Structures, Presentations & Disclosures Course - As of January 31, 2019, 98.76% of students have rated this course positively and 96.90% would recommend this course to others.