F&I Products and Professional F&I Sales Process & Disclosures Course

Course Description

  • Online training for F&I managers to identify 13 common F&I Income profit leaks and provide proven solutions.
  • Proprietary F&I Process designed to handle any F&I Situation, especially difficult ones:
    • Customers in a hurry
    • Cash paying customers
    • Short term lease customers
  • An F&I sales process that achieves 100% documented CSI with every customer.
  • An F&I process that ensures all administrative details (loan underwriting, stipulation reviews, verifications, insurance, income, employment, residence) are addressed before the customer leaves the dealership to help reduce contracts in transit and rewrites.
  • Product knowledge training is provided on all popular F&I products to help F&I managers increase the value of the products in their own mind.
  • Pricing policies are recommended to increase closing ratios (to achieve greater than 50% penetration on all products to eligible customers) and to avoid unfair business practices.
  • Suggested Role Play events are scheduled throughout the online learning process to encourage F&I managers to role play each step of the recommended F&I sales process. This is done until they confirm they understand the process and can accomplish each step of the process in a manner that achieves the Dealer’s objectives.

Course Benefits & Learning Objectives

100% happy customers verified 100% of the time!

Employees learn how important F&I’s role is to confirm and ensure every customer is 100% happy with the sales department and process before the F&I presentation begins. Then, after the F&I presentation is over, F&I confirms the customer understands all of the terms and conditions of their purchase and is happy with the F&I manager and F&I department too before they leave the dealership. The College provides 100% CSI verification forms that can be used to document the customer’s satisfaction and place in each customer file before they leave.

100% happy customers buy more F&I products and write more 5 star reviews!

As you can imagine, happy customers buy more F&I products. And if they are not happy for any reason, finding out immediately before the F&I process begins, gives power to the management team to resolve customer concerns and make the customer happy before they leave. This procedure will virtually eliminate customers from writing negative reviews online and help the dealership gather more 5 store reviews to enhance their online reputation.

Experienced F&I Managers are positive about the College’s proprietary F&I sales process!

The proprietary F&I sales process taught by the College is built on the principle of loving others by selling without deception in a compliant manner. F&I managers and former F&I Managers that have taken the course confirm that they AGREE with the proprietary F&I process recommended by the College.

“I am the COO of Aloha Auto Group. This is an excellent course and provides real life examples of how to effectively handle the F&I process from start to finish. It is important to verify sales department CSI so that you know your customer is happy and you will eliminate sales issues in your F&I presentation. If you build rapport and a relationship the customer will have more confidence and trust in the benefits you are presenting because he knows you care about him. The presentation is excellent. Nice, clean, non-confrontational…”

Russel Wong, COO

“I rate this course as “Excellent” and would highly recommend it to others.  I rated the course the way I did because I believe it to be a very important aspect to the overall sale of a car. All parties involved, including the customer, the sales person, the finance manager and the dealership win! The sales person can have confidence that their customer will be protected and will also give great referrals and repeat business after the sale. The finance manager benefits because they are helping the sales staff retain a valued customer for future business and referrals, generating greater profits for the dealership and themselves personally while also protecting the customer. It is a win win for everyone. The course was very helpful to me as it showed alternative ways to present and overcome challenges when offering additional service products to a customer. It allows me to really have confidence and peace of mind when presenting these products because they are for the greater good for the customer.”

Herby C. Heiney III, Finance Manager

Salespeople also learn the F&I Sales process to become potential hybrid sales/F&I!

When salespeople combine this course with the other courses provided by the College, then Salespeople may become capable of filling in for F&I during busy times to achieve 100% CSI and eliminate the #1 customer complaint – the wait to get into F&I takes too long.


A perfect example of how training salespeople to become capable of selling F&I products and legally disclosing F&I documents can help eliminate that complaint entirely is found in Derek Spady’s story.


Derek started training while working in sales making $4,000-$5000/mo. He more than doubled his income during the next 12 months,which more than doubled his dealer’s income.


He became top salesperson for the year and was voted employee of the month by his peers. He showed love and respect to his co-workers, as well as his customers, while he cross trained for F&I. He became capable of filling in during busy times.


He was then promoted to F&I in the Tex Earnhardt group at Earnhardt Cadillac, in Mesa, Arizona, where he quickly (within 90 days) became the number one F&I manager in a region of 10 dealerships (out of more than 30 other F&I managers).


He has since been promoted to finance director.


He has continued to grow in knowledge and skill and has become an ever increasing value to his employer. When asked how he did it and what changed for him – he confessed, “I finally learned how to really connect with my customers.” In fact, Automotive News did a great article on his success in F&I. He said, “The College Changed my Life!”

“I was a salesperson with two years of automotive sales experience, earning $4,000 – $5,000/mo when I enrolled at the College. I completed the online course in 10 weeks. The first month after graduating I earned $13,000 in commissions and for the first time ever became the number one salesperson. So I paid for the course several times over within the first 90 days. I finally learned how to really connect with my customers and become their friend – vs. a friendly car salesperson. Over the next 12 months I was the top producing salesperson (most gross profit) in the dealership. I continued to review my course content throughout the year, including all updates and F&I Sales Processes and Presentations, and was promoted to the F&I department. Within 90 days, I was the top F&I manager out of 27 F&I managers in our group of dealers. I maintain a per car average over $2,000 per unit after chargebacks, over 75% warranty penetration, and excellent CSI ratings with all my customers. I’m still learning and achieving – the College is a life changer.”

Derek Spady, F&I Director, Earnhardt Cadillac – AZ

Cross training all sales employees to be able to do F&I presentations gives the dealership more options and profits!

Dealers want to retain their employees and achieve 100% happy customers. Cross training all employees gives the dealership new options.


When all employees, including salespeople, are cross trained on sales, desking, F&I, and special finance, they can help fill in when people in other departments go on vacation or don’t show up for work.


Salespeople can be promoted from within into management positions so dealers don’t have to hire unknown managers from outside the dealership.


Salespeople and other managers can fill in as part time F&I managers during busy times and eliminate the customer’s wait to see an F&I manager. This option eliminates unprofitable “house” deals that typically have little to no F&I income and allow the dealership to sell more F&I products.

Student Ratings


F&I Process - As of January 31, 2019, 99.85% of students have rated this course positively and 98.20% would recommend this course to others.